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Latest Reports

Écoutez encore
Écoutez tout l'interview avec President Sarkozy (français). Hear our interview with President Sarkozy in English.

Russian Society under Putin
Bridget Kendall  returns to Nizhny-Novgorod to see how Russian society has changed under Putin. Listen to part one, part two and part three of her report or see the pictures of her trip.

5th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq
For the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, Today reporter Sanchia Berg meets the key players in the countdown to the Iraq war. Hear the extended interviews on our special report page.

Pakistan after Bhutto's assassination
Hear Mike Thomson's reports from his recent Pakistan trip.
Listen again, see pictures and visit the report page.

Stourton in Afghanistan
Today presenter Edward Stouton visits Afghanistan to bring us a series of reports on the security situation in the country. Listen again to the reports and interviews.

Apartheid Reports
South Africa 60 years after apartheid. View report pages.

Darfur Reports
Mike Thomson has been to Sudan to report on the humanitarian crisis and increasing tensions in Darfur. Listen to his reports, see pictures, maps and read more.

James Naughtie in China
See picture, read essays and listen again as Today Presenter James Naughtie travels across China reporting from Shanghai , Yichang, Lanzhou , the train journey to Lhasa and Tibet.

Burma Latest
Mike Thompson crosses the border into Burma following the crackdown on democratic protests to meet those on the run from the ruling Junta. See pictures and listen to the report.

Mike Thompson in Congo
Listen again to Mike Thomson's harrowing reports from the war torn African nation.

25th Anniversary of the Falklands War.
25 years on we speak to those touched by the conflict in the Falklands and look at the political repercussions of the war.

Letter to President Bush
Read the letter written by Iranian President Ahmadinezhad to US President Bush.

Zimbabwe Blog
Read a blog from inside Zimbabwe in the aftermath of the failed general strike.

Mike Thomson in Lahore
Mike Thomson reports from eastern Pakistan. Read his account and listen again.

Depleted Uranium
Angus Stickler reports on the use of depleted uranium weapons.

Mike Thomson in Kashmir
The photos and in depth report from an area badly hit by last year's earthquake.

Suez Crisis
To mark the 50th anniversary of the Suez crisis the Today team broadcast a special programme from Alexandria.

Inside the UN
Reporter Jon Manel spent a week with the UK's Ambassador to the UN.

Inside Burma
Mike Thomson reports from inside Burma.

Montreal Summit
The most important international summit on climate change since Kyoto.

War on Terror
France's top anti-terrorism judge says terror threat in Europe remains very high

Norwegian Royal visit
King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway speaks to Ed Stourton.

Katrina Blues
Listen to American blues musician Michael 'Hawkeye' Herman's "Katrina Blues".

Ed in Baghdad
Our presenter Edward Stourton was in Iraq for the elections. Read his diary and find out more about the candidates and the election process.

Extended Interview  - Mouloud Sihali
We speak to Mouloud Sihali from Algeria, North Africa, one of the suspected terrorists that the Home Secretary wants to deport back to Algeria.

Water Shortage
Mike Thomson reports from the source of the source of the Blue Nile, on the problem of Ethiopia's droughts.

Anglo-French Relationship
See Nick Danziger's series of photos taken on the theme of the Anglo-French relationship for the Today programme including exclusive pictures behind the scenes at a meeting of Jacques Chirac and Tony Blair.

60th Anniversary of Auschwitz
Ceremonies have been held at Auschwitz concentration camp to mark the 60th year of the Soviet army liberating the death camp where over a million people died.

A new EU constitution Proposal
The EU Constitution has lost favour with the French and Dutch, but could you come up with a more popular version?

Reports from Congo
Mike Thomson has compiled a number of reports from his travels into Eastern Congo.

Inside Burma
Mike Thomson reports from inside Burma. See his pictures.

Paedophile Murder
A British man is appealing against a 12 year sentence imposed by a Danish court for killing a paedophile who he says molested his nine-year-old daughter.

Guantanamo Letter
Read an uncensored letter written by the British man Moazzam Begg who is being held in Guantanamo Bay.

Uzbek Al-Qaida Commander Returns
Tahir Yuldash, leader of the radical group the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and al-Qaida commander, appears in a film obtained by the BBC.

Ethiopia awaits the Axum Obelisk
Italy promised the return of an ancient obelisk from Axum in Ethiopia almost a year ago. Why then has it been sitting under a tarpaulin outside of Rome ever since.

US Elections
With only two months to go before the elections - the Republican Party convention opens up with great fanfare and a host of celebrity speakers.

Salem Chalabi fears for his life
"Claims that I'm a murderer are ridiculous," says Salem Chalabi. Also hear Ann Clwyd MP on the re-introduction of the death penalty in Iraq.

Why Darfur?
Why is Sudan suffering a humanitarian catastrophe with militias attacking the population? Richard Dowden examines the roots of this conflict.

Irish Soldiers
Sixty years on, Ireland remembers its volunteer soldiers who fought with the British Army in the Second World War, despite Ireland's official neutrality.

Darfur Emergency
The UN says food, water and medicines are running out in the refugee camps in Darfur, Sudan. Find out how to give donations....  

Sudan Refugees
Mike Thomson reports on the thousands of refugees fleeing to Chad from Sudan to avoid being killed by rebel forces. 

The EU Constitution
Tim Franks finds out what a signed EU constitution could mean to people of Britain.

A Look at Tibet
It's now 45 years since the Dalai Lama fled Tibet fearing for his safety after the Chinese occupation. Matthew Grant was given rare access to visit Tibet as a journalist for this programme.

Olympic Jitters
Mike Thomson reports from Athens on security worries and the level of preparation against a terrorist attack in the run up to the Olympic Games.

Highlands D-Day
Ten French veterans from the 'Kieffer Commando' unit revisit the Scottish Highlands where they trained before taking part in the D-Day landings.

Held in Libya.
In 1985 British engineer, James Abra, was arrested and imprisoned for spying in Libya. He has always denied the charge - and is sceptical of the Libyan regime which he says will never change. 

Holocaust Money
With millions yet to be paid, the judge who oversaw the settlement over funds left in Swiss accounts after the Holocaust accuses some banks of hiding behind secrecy laws. 

Libyan AIDS trial
fter a five-year trial, seven foreign medics accused of deliberately infecting over 400 children with HIV will have to wait a little longer to discover their fate. 

Oxford Outside Broadcast
Listen back to the weighty issues tackled, such as whether there can ever be harmony between the different religions.

Entente Cordiale
It's the 100th anniversary of the agreement being signed between the UK and France. But have relations really improved?

Basra - A Year On
When Saddam Hussein was toppled from power few cheered louder than the people of Basra in Southern Iraq.

Spanish election
The surprise socialist victory brings to an end the rule of the centre-right Popular Party (Pic AP).

The Madrid Bombs
The terrorist attacks in Madrid has killed nearly 200 and left 1500 people injured. Listen to our coverage live from the Spanish capital.

Jenny Tonge.
Hear the extended audio from Jenny Tonge's visit to the Middle East, read her diary entry, plus read her answers to your questions about her visit and the issue of suicide bombings.

Stolen Artefacts
As Italy plans the return of Ethiopia's Axum Obelisk, Mike Thomson reports that there are calls for Britain to follow suit.

The Field Narrows
Kerry celebrates, Edwards and Clark holding onto hope, as Joe Lieberman bows out. Gordon Corera assesses the February 3rd results.

Estonia's EU Preparation
Greg Wood travels to Estonia to investigate how the country will change on May 1 when it joins the EU, plus how it will change us.

Push for War
A former military director at the US State Dept. claims President Bush wanted to attack Iraq days after taking office.

Paedophile Murder
Hear a rare phone interview from the convicted paedophile killer, Stephen Hoath, who is now suffering from a terminal lung disease in a Danish prison.

Fit Fins
How to get a nation fit? Mike Thomson travels to Finland to see what measures their goverment is taking... 

Extended Interviews - American Free Trade
Edward Stourton interviews the President of Mexico, Vincente Fox and Under Secretary of State Tom Shannon, on the Summit of the Americas in Argentina and the prospect of a free trade agreement for the region.

Cheap Coffee
Coffee producershave turned to farming drugs as the price of thecoffee bean continues to fall. Mike Thomson reports from Ethiopia. 

Drug Runners
Dominic Arkwright on HMS Manchester, a Navy destroyer employed to seize illegal drugs in the continuing war against Caribbean barons.

General Jay Garner
General Garner gives his first international interview following his retirement. He talks candidly about the reasons for the current problems in Iraq. 

Extended Interview -  Archbishop of Kaduna (25/05/05)
Josiah Idowu Fearon talks to James Naughtie about the Anglican Church in Africa and tensions between Christians and Muslims.

Danish Paedophiles
A London-born factory worker is to appeal against a 14 year jail sentence imposed by a Danish court for killing a paedophile. Mike Thomson went to Copenhagen to investigate.

Ethiopia Revisited
Mike Thomson returns to Ethiopa one year after his investigation. The food shortage remains and there are continuing tensions with bordering Eritrea.

Trouble in Kashmir
Matthew Grant travels to Kashmir to find out if the region is closer to conflict or reconcilliation. Read his exclusive reports.

My Brother-in-Law
'The man I knew wouldn't harm anyone'. Two years on from 9/11, listen to the extended version of Zubeida Malik's interview with Osama bin Laden's brother-in-law.

Extended Interview - Monsignor Charles Burns (08/04/05)
Edward Stourton interviews the retired head of the Vatican's Secret Archives about the funeral of the Pope John Paul II.
Part 1 / Part 2

Sweden's Euro Vote
James Naughtie has been in Stockholm watching the Swedish Euro referendum. Listen to his report and read his dispatch on the vote's broader implications.

Life after Sangatte
Mike Thomson reports from Calais on the impact of closing the Sangatte camp.

WTO in Cancun
Former International Development Secretary Clare Short is at the WTO ministerial conference in Mexico. Listen to and read her analysis. 

Extended Interview - Moazzam Begg
The former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mr Begg speaks to our reporter Zubeida Malik about his ordeal and how he continues to campaign for five Britons still there to be freed.

Terror and 9/11
Two years on from the attacks of September 11, cracks begin to appear in America's support for the way the 'war on terror' is being waged.

White House Race
As the Democrats seek a presidential candidate, we investigate how the Iraq war, Homeland Security and the economy will feature in the battle for the White House. 

Recovering from Genocide
The former International Development Secretary Clare Short returns to Rwanda nine years after the genocide.

Extended Interview - Walter Cronkite (10/03/05)
Who pays tribute to Dan Rather, a 73 year old news presenter in America who is retiring after 24 years.

Visiting Temple Mount
Nick Thorpe visits the controversial Muslim Temple.

Controversy surrounds Berlusconi
Mike Thomson reports on the fresh debate over the controversy surrounding Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

The Baby Trade
Mike Thomson's disturbing report into the buying and selling of babies in Europe for organs and adoption.

New President for Argentina
Out with the old, in with the new, as Argentina prepares for a new president.

Extended Interview - Nigerian High Commissioner (19/05/04)
James Naughtie speaks to Dr Christopher Kolade about the recent increase of religious violence in Nigeria.

Saudi Foreign Minister
Zubeida Malik meets Prince Saud al-Faisal.

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