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Latest Reports

Harold PinterHarold Pinter
On the 50th anniversary of the opening of The Birthday Party, playwright Harold Pinter talks to Rebecca Jones.
Listen to an extended interview

Picture Postcards
The Bodleian Library has published two books of postcards - images from World War I and one of the Russian Revolution. Historian Andrew Roberts has written an introduction for the books.
Listen again and read more

T Bone Burnett
Guitarist and music producer to the great songwriters speaks to our reporter Nicola Stanbridge.
Listen to an extended interview

Thomas Remembered
Dylan Thomas's daughter talks about her father's work and her own poetry.
Listen again and read her poetry

Blek the Rat
The Parisian graffiti artist takes our correspondent Emma Jane Kirby on a working tour around Paris.
Listen again and see pictures

Bond and the Bard
The RSC discusses what Bond villains and Shakespeare's characters have in common. Listen again
Test your knowledge of Bond and the Bard

McEwan's Song
Award-winning novelist Ian McEwan has written his first libretto for a new opera by his friend the composer Michael Berkeley.
Listen again

Roger Corman
Roger Corman, King of the B Movie, spoke to Nicola Stanbridge about his career, his protegees and the state of the movie industry.
Listen to an extended interview with Roger Corman

Turn on...tune in...and flamenco
The guitarist Peter Walker speaks to our reporter Nicola Stanbridge about his time working with the father of psychedelia, Timothy Leary, and of his love for Spanish flamenco music.
Read the report and listen again

In his own words
Archive recordings of Evelyn Waugh discussing his writing have been released by the British Library.
Listen to Waugh's grandson

For Your Eyes Only
All you need to know about James Bond and his creator.
Listen again

Miss Joan Hunter Dunn
See exclusive photos of Sir John Betjeman's muse.
View the photo gallery

The Fragmented Orchestra
The winner of the PRS New Music Award. A three person team, known as The Fragmented Orchestra, won the prize.
Listen again

Magical Thinking
Joan Didion's book, the Year of Magical Thinking, comes to the stage. Our Arts correspondent Rebecca Jones talks to the American writer, the director Sir David Hare and the lead actress Vanessa Redgrave.
Listen again

Art or pornography?
Arts correspondent Rebecca Jones speaks to musician Jarvis Cocker and the American artist John Currin.
See the gallery and listen to the report

Spying Poole
Frederick Forsyth unveils a new plot - this time in Dorset.
Read the letter

Six Word Life Story
Inspired by Hemingway and an online magazine, read your six word memoirs.

Today Birdbox
2 leading architects design a Today Birdbox. See the designs.

George A Romero
'Night Of The Living Dead' is 40 years old.
Listen to the extended interview.

Tony Harrison exclusive
Hear him working on his new play at the National Theatre.
Listen to the interview.

The Last Tommy
Hear Andrew Motion's poem about the last Tommy. See the pictures or listen to the reading.

JG Ballard
Hear the extended interview or see pictures.
Listen to the interview

Today Birdbox
2 leading architects design a Today Birdbox.
See the designs

Six Word Life Story
Inspired by Hemingway and an online magazine, read your six word memoirs.

Lost Capa negatives
See recovered negatives of the legendary photographer.
Listen to the interview

TS Eliot Award for poetry
This year we asked each of the nominated poets to recorded two of the favorite poems, one for broadcast and one just for us. Learn more

Burns Night
Seamus Heaney reads us his new poem in tribute to Burns. Hear or read the poem

'The Gough Map'
The oldest map of Britain is now a book. See the map. Hear the item.

Magnum Photography
See pictures from the world famous photo agency as they celebrate their 60th aniversary. Listen again to the discussion.

Vietcong Prisoner
The infamous photograph captured 40 years ago. See picture in full.

Dan Dare
The legendary super hero Dan Dare coming out of retirement. See pictures from the first edition.

30,000 years of art
See pictures from arts epic 30,000 year history and listen to the discussion.

Albert Camus
Listen to an extended interview with the French philosopher's daughter.

Man Booker Prize
Listen to extended interviews with the authors on the shortlist for the prestigious literary award including Ian McEwan's doubts over the prize itself.

Olivier Centenary
Listen to our extended interview with actor Sir Michael Gambon, 100 years after the birth of one of Britain's greatest actors.

Lee Miller Centenary
Miller's son Tony Penrose showed Nicola Stanbridge around the V&A's exhibition of the acclaimed photojournalists's work.
Listen again and view the gallery

Sir V.S Naipaul
Listen to our extended interview with grand old man of letters.

Stanley Spencer
Reporter Nicola Stanbridge visits the modernised Spencer Gallery in Cookham.

Brian Wilson
The creative force behind the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, returns to the UK. Listen.

The British Library
See pictures of the winners of the British Library Hidden Treasures competition.

Stanley Spencer
Reporter Nicola Stanbridge visits the modernised Spencer Gallery in Cookham.

Listen to the song inspired by Mike Thomson's harrowing report from Congo. More...

James Salter
We introduce James Salter; one of America's most respected writers yet he remains a well kept secret in this country. Listen to the extended interview or look at pictures.

Shambo Goes to Slaughter
The author Michael Morpurgo wrote us a fable in tribute to the beast.

100th Anniversary of the Scout Movement
Which of 2 Scouts deserve a Today Scout badge?

How We Are: Photographing Britain
Tate Britain's current exhibition of photographs of contemporary Britan. View the photographs here

Producers in the Limelight
Mark Coles meets a group of top music producers about to release their 1st single.

A Fable for Shambo
Author Michael Morpurgo has written a fable in tribute to Shambo, the sacred bullock thought to have bovine TB lives as part of a community of Hindu monks in Wales. Read the fable

Islamic Art Exhibition
Find out more about the Spirit & Life exhibition and view the picture gallery.

Heath Robinson On Display
A new exhibition illustrates how an artist came to be a dictionary definition.

Today Does Glastonbury
We headed down to Glastonbury in style. See photos of us at the event.

Extended Interview - Don De Lillo
The American writer Don de Lillo's "Underworld" has become a classic. A Penguin classic. A great accolade, but usually one reserved for the dead.

National Anthem
Do we need new verses to our national anthem to reflect our changing political society? E-mail us your suggestions.

George Melly
Arts Correspondent Rebecca Jones went to Surreal Things at the V&A with jazz singer George Melly, who knew the world of surrealism from the inside.

Charity Shop DJ
Unlocking our secret history by playing the records we've thrown away. Read more

Nick Cave Interview
Australian musician, poet, author and sometimes actor Nick Cave talks to our reporter Nicola Stanbridge about his new project Grinderman.

Jimmy Friell Cartoons
A selection of work from the political cartoonist known as Gabriel

Extended Interview - Ralph Fiennes/ John Le Carre (31/01/06)
The Constant Gardener is tipped for a place on the Oscar shortlist. Polly Billington spoke Ralph Fiennes and to the author, John le Carre, about the film and its chances at the Oscars.

Salute to Dennis Brain
50 years on from the death of the great horn player, a new fanfare has been writen in his honour.

Peter Greenaway
Pictures from the audio visual show from the British film director..

Odd Book Titles
We asked you to write an opening paragraph to a novel.

Johnson on Hogarth
Boris Johnson takes us around the new Hogarth exhibition at Tate Britain. See photos here

Smells in London
Author Will Self talks to our reporter Polly Billington about various smells and London

TS Eliot Poetry Prize
Hear poems read by the nominees of one of the most coveted award in poetry.

ICA Re-enactment
We revisit the musical staged 20 years ago by Einsturzende Neubauten.

The Good , the Bad and the Queen
Two rock musicians are releasing an album which they say is a kind of reflection of London.
See the pictures and listen to the interview in full.

Kapoor and Rushdie
See pictures of the collaboration between artist and author.

National Poetry Day
Prince Charles reads 'All These I Learnt' by Robert Byron. Hear the reading or read the poem.

Waiting for Gordot
Journalist Richard Heller has written a play based on the true life story of Labour backbenchers, called "Waiting for Gordot."

Italian Renaissance recipes
See recipes for the Italian Renaissance food Antonio Carluccio cooked for us on the programme.

Historical Landmarks
We go in search of the most resonant historical places in Britain.

Ian McMillan's poem which celebrates 15 years of the world wide web.

Frederick Forsyth's Quiz
Take Frederick Forsyth's spoof quiz for urbanites planning a move to the country.

Gnomes at Chelsea
We managed to smuggle a gnome into the RHS Chelsea Flower Show...

Rimbaud and Verlaine's House
The house in London where the French poets lived is up for sale. 

The Hydra
We asked for help in finding the lost copies of poetry magazines by Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.

Radio 4's UK Theme
Read your emails following the announcement that the UK theme will go.

Anthem for Essex
The "Poet Laureate of Essex" Martin Newell has written a poem redefining the county.

Poetry Quiz
After claims that poetry is becoming as obsolete in British culture as morris dancing, we tested our listeners knowledge of our most distinguished contemporary poets.

Galloway The Mystery Cat
We asked Ian McMillan to come up with a poem reflecting George Galloway's time in the Big Brother House.

The Sleeper Train
A campaign to save the Penzance Sleeper service will be lobbying parliament, and later in the week holding a rally at the Eden centre. Cornwall poet Murray Lachlan Young has re-worked Auden's Night Train as a tribute to the sleeper.

Playing with fire
We look at a play by the political playwright David Edgar about the causes of the race riots in Bradford

Which Painting Won?
Find out which painting YOU voted the greatest painting in Britain.

Et Viola!
It's the most reviled instrument in the modern orchestra. Violas - known to their critics as 'diesel violins' - often called the poor relation of the violin.

Isabella Rossellini
Isabella Rossellini interviewed by our reporter Nicola Stanbridge.

The Alphorn Comes to Dartington!
A traditional orchestra is made up of strings, brass and woodwind sections, but this summer things are about to change...

I Vow To Thee
A stirring hymn that brings back fond memories, or a heretical form of words which should be banned? The great debate over I Vow To Thee, My Country!

The today African Mystery
Read THE FINAL chapter of our summer short story, written by Today listener Julia Ray and chosen by Alexander McCall Smith.

Donald McGill
Find out more about the infamous trial of 'saucy seaside' postcard artist Donald McGill.

Today Visits Stratford
It feels like every time we take the programme out on the road, it gets a little bit grander. This time we visited the RSC Swan Theatre in Stratford.

Saddest Music
You sent us over 400 nominations for your saddest music or song. Now vote for the ultimate sad music from the five most-nominated pieces.

Gulbenkian Winner
The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, in Edinburgh, has just been named "Museum of the Year". Find out more about the winning entry, Landform Ueda.

Chant Laureate
You've heard of the Poet Laureate. Now there's a "Chant Laureate" as well. Listen to his ode to the Aston Villa footballer Juan Pablo Angel (pictured) by clicking above.

Search for the Saddest Music
Tell us what you think is the World's saddest music. You can nominate both pop and rock songs, and classical pieces. And learn here what a Chapman Stick is.

Archers Theme
Is the familiar 'dum di dum di dum di dum...' jingle to be relegated to the vaults of history? No. But some listeners got an April 1st scare.

Orkney Postcards
Experts in maritime history are examining hundreds of postcards and photographs which have been recovered from a ship scuttled off the Orkney Islands.

The Tricorn Centre
The Tricorn Centre is consigned to demolition to the delight of many and the regret of - well - a few.

The Rhinegold
Will Hutton thinks Wagner's Ring cycle is about the failings of capitalism. Can he be right?

Literary Works for sale.
It's been described as a "Who's Who" of the nineteenth century, and one of the world's literary treasures. Now the John Murray Archive is up for sale.

Catherine Parr
See the rare portrait of Catherine Parr, the wife who survived Henry VIII, that is to be unveiled by historian David Starkey. 

Sex and the City
The U.S drama 'Sex and the City' has enjoyed cult status since it's first airing in 1998. Women across both sides of the Atlantic have closely followed the storylines and fashion trends.

50th anniversary of Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.
The uncut interview with Sir Peter Hall, the first director to stage the play in 1955, with the last surviving member of the original main cast, Timothy Bateson who played 'lucky', and playwright Ronald Harwood.

American 'Office'
Their Golden Globes prove The Office has won the admiration of US reviewers, but will an 'All American' remake hit the spot? Hear from Ricky Gervais.

Is It Cool To Play The Ukulele?
Now available in both original and electronic forms, it seems the ukulele is experiencing a renaissance. Listen to Mark Coles' report.

WWII Photography
The key role of surveillance pictures during WWII highlighted by previously unreleased photos.

Art of Illustration
The man who illustrated the stories of Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake, marks 50 years in the industry.

Newspaper Origami
The Times is publishing a tabloid size edition - but how will this impact on origami enthusiasts? We put both papers to the test...

Hospital Design
Can a hospital ward's design impact on the recovery time of patients? See the CABE concept designs and the results of RCN polling.

Extended Interview - Paul Burrell
The former royal butler denies betraying Diana, Princess of Wales, insisting his controversial new book was "a loving tribute".

Architect Vote
See pictures of the six finalists in this year's Stirling Prize for architecture.

Bruce Bairnsfather
See the cartoons of artistand soldier, Bruce Bairnsfather. His famous artwork will be celebrated this weekend.

Frank Gehry
The world renowned architect, Frank Gehry has designed his first UK building - and it's somewhat unexpected...

Musical Damage
Why some experts are warning too much time spent in the orchestra pit could damage a musician's hearing.

Belfast's Gable Murals
The history of loyalist and republican Northern Ireland, depicted through the murals of Belfast.

Harry Potter Mania
As the new Harry Potter book, - "The Order of the Phoenix" is released, we interview some keen readers and publish their reviews!

Causa Belli
Causa Belli is a latin phrase, which translates as 'causes, motives or pretexts of war'. Motion has voiced doubts about the case for war.

Back to Basics Rock
Did the ability to capture music on tape peak in the sixties? Yes, according to Jack and Meg White, known as 'The White Stripes', one of the most exciting rock outfits the music industry's seen for years.

Winter Photography
See the winner of our winter photographic competition.

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