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Latest Reports

New Archers Theme Tune


Brian EnoComposer - Brian Eno
The familiar jingle 'dum di dum di dum di dum...' is to be relegated into the vaults of history. After several decades, the popular theme tune is to be refreshed and updated.

Reporter Mark Coles finds out why the Archers theme tune needs updating...
Map of Ambridge

The not so sleepy town of Ambridge.

The Archers

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The Bull

The Bull - at the heart of the village.
Brian Aldridge

Popular with the ladies - Brian Aldridge.
Jill Archer

Jill Archer - once a townie now country bumpkin.
Eddie Grundy

Facing urban problems? Eddie Grundy
The Archers is set in Ambridge, a beautiful Borsetshire village, nestling in the Vale of the River Am, under the watchful eye of the Hassett Hills. However - in recent years Ambridge has become a racy hotbed of affairs and scandals. To the extent that the jovial uplifting tune is deemed to be out of date - not reflecting the new urban problems facing the local residents.

In order to move with the times, bosses at Radio 4 have decided to give the 53 year old soap a facelift. To increase the appeal to a younger audience, BBC Executives have commissioned composer and musician, Brian Eno, to remix the existing tune.

What will the new jingle sound like? Listen here.

The Original 'dum-di-dum' Tune?

It’s a ‘maypole dance’ called Barwick Green from the suite My Native Heath, written in 1924 by the Yorkshire composer Arthur Wood.

Click here if you would like to download your own version of The Archers - in the form of a mobile ring tone.

Latest plotline : Roy acts fast

Lynda accosts Susan as she weeds the garden – saying how difficult it must be for Susan to live just across the Green from the ruins of the police house. Susan is non-committal, but Lynda goes on to praise her heroic act in giving up her own brother to justice. Neil comes to the rescue, but Susan still finds it hurtful. Neil cheers her up – the estate agents are coming to value their house today. They go with Rodways, who estimate £150,000. Roy finds out that it’s on the market, and approaches them straight away hoping he can get them to drop the price for a quick sale. He’s taken aback by the price – there’s no way he can afford it.

Lynda shows Ian her Easter bonnet to get his artistic opinion. He’s speechless, apart from saying one less banana might do it. Ian and Roy go out to check out a new menu at The George – it’s not up to much. Ian inspires Roy to start thinking about a revamp of Grey Gables – long overdue. They agree to approach Caroline with their ideas. Roy confides in Ian that he’s losing hope of finding somewhere to live. They’re going to be forced out of the village at this rate.

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Happy April Fool's Day...

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