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3 Oct 2014
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The Great Stag Hunt
A nation-wide search for the rare stag beetle is beginning and we're all under orders to be on the look out for the happy little creature (pictured right).

The search is being co-ordinated by the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) in partnership with English Nature.

Organisers hope to get a clear picture of where the stag beetle is currently residing so that they can compare and contrast the results with a similar census held in 1998. This will tell researchers exactly where the population is dropping, allowing them to co-ordinate a response.

One possible reason behind the decline in the species in recent years is our increasingly 'tidy' approach to the management of our parks and gardens.

With summer on the way stag beetles are preparing for their short flight season - so it's the right time of year to keep your eyes peeled.

If you think you've seen a Stag Beetle and would like to do your bit, register your details on the PTES website.

Happy hunting.

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male stag beetle
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