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3 Oct 2014
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Britain needs to recycle more waste
by Roger Harrabin
Britain needs much more radical solutions to its biggest environmental problems, according to a report from the Prime Minister's own think tank, the Performance and Innovation Unit.

The report - to be published soon - will warn that local councils have to triple the amount of household rubbish they recycle if the UK is to avoid fines from the EU. The Today Programme has learned that fines could total up to £half million a day if Britain does not hit its targets under the Landfill Directive by 2010.

Britain is fast running out of landfill sites, and the PIU calls for more action to reduce waste from the construction industry which sends 70 millions tonnes to landfill a year. Thirteen million tonnes consists of material delivered to building sites then discarded as surplus to requirements.

Waste, the report says, is arguably the biggest problem facing the UK after climate change. It says the government is on track to reduce emissions of so-called greenhouse gases by 2010, but warns that emissions are then projected to rise again. More taxes and incentives will be need alongside a huge leap in technology if we are to meet the 60% emission cuts recommended by scientists to stabilise the climate.

The PIU recommends the government to set demanding long-term targets for industry to stimulate innovation. It says that small and medium sized firms present a particular challenge. While the industrial giants have appointed environmental managers to improve their performance, this is impossible for smaller firms who tend to ignore the potential for cutting pollution or energy use because management do not have the time to spend on to what appear to be fringe issues. Collectively, smaller firms waste vast amounts of resources and energy.

Bosses need to be given more information and more incentives to be green, the PIU says. It says in the longer term the UK faces potentially uncomfortable trade-offs between environmental and economic objectives, but raises the prospect of benefits for businesses and individuals if innovative solutions can be found.

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