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3 Oct 2014
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The Future of Energy
by Tom Feilden, Environment correspondent
Is Britain facing an energy crisis?

In a series of special reports, Tom Feilden investigates how we can reconcile our ever-expanding demand for energy with dwindling resources and the impact of global warming.

As our stocks of North Sea oil and gas run dry, and our ageing nuclear reactors reach the end of their shelf-life, the Government has embarked on an energy review to decide the best way to plug the growing energy gap. So what is the best way forward?

Day 1 - Wednesday
Tom examines the sub-text of the government's energy review, and asks whether renewables - on and off shore wind and solar power - could fit the bill.

Day 2 - Thursday
Anyone for nuclear power? The nuclear industry currently supplies a quarter of our energy needs, but that figure's set to fall as the oldest stations are decommissioned. But advances in reactor design could substantially reduce the costs, and it terms of global warming, its a clean technology.

Day 3 - Friday
Is your house powered by the sun? Could your community build its own wind turbine and turn a profit on electricity bills? How about driving to work on water? In the third part of this series on the future of energy Tom Feilden looks at the micro-solutions that could herald a revolution in our attitudes to power.

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Listen - Discussion on energy policy between environmental campaigner - George Monbiot and Sir Eric Ash of Univerity College London
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