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11 Jul 2014
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Should 4x4 Vehicles Be Banned?
Today conducts its own experiment, helped by two listeners with very different cars.
The Ark, Circa 2003
Sir David Attenborough, chronicling the natural world for posterity.
The Science of Small Things
Is nanotechnology the environmental "cause celebre?" Today reports on the row
Today's Star Count
Can you see stars twinkling above or is your view obscured? Join the big star count.
Did Clinton Betray Kyoto?
The head of top climate change body blames Bill Clinton for the failure of Kyoto
Foreigners Wreak Havoc In Derbyshire
Terrapins face deportation to Italy.
Best and Worst Inventions
Read the results of the vote to mark the Patent Office's 150th Anniversary.
Great British Cures and Remedies
The off-beat folk cures that Today listeners' mothers swore by.
Stem Cell Research 'Blocked'
Christopher Reeve names the culprits he believes are obstructing medical studies.
North Sea Seal Crisis
More than 1600 seals have died in an epidemic of PDV, Bob Walker reports.
Rage Against the Machine
Dominic Arkwright questions whether computers are a help or a hindrance.
a puffin
The Puffins Vs The Rats
Click here to find out who won the battle for Ailsa Craig
GM soyabeans
GM In America: An Environmental Disaster?
What lessons can we learn from across the Atlantic?
Fat Nation
Bad news for big eaters from the European Obesity Summit in Denmark.
Dinosaurs on the Beach
How a trip to the seaside with a dog turned into a walk with dinosaurs.
"Geek Genes"
Report suggests that children of high-tech workers may be more at risk from autism.
A house sparrow.
Where have all the Sparrows gone?
Today asks what has happened to our feathered friends.
An incinerator near Pontypool.
Public say NO to incinerators
New research for Today reveals growing opposition to building waste incinerators.
Saving The Outer Hebrides Hedgehog
Concern over the plight of the islands' spiky residents.
Repairing The Peak District
Bob Walker on the multi-million pound project.
Nuclear power stations
Is the government paving the way for more nuclear power stations?
Paul Shattock, director of the Autism Research Unit at the University of Sunderland
Autism and MMR
Controversial new research suggests that there may be links.
The War on Slugs
Our listeners respond to research into whether caffeine kills slugs.
science features
teenager reading
Reading and Dreaming
A new survey links our recurring night-time dreams to the books we read.
Cloned Organ Transplant
Scientists in the US have successfully transplanted cloned organs into cows.
Indonesian rainforest
Illegal Timber Trade
Builders and DIY enthusiasts are unwittingly buying wood from threatened rainforests.
stag beetle
The Great Stag Hunt
Take part in a nation-wide search for the rare stag beetle.
Esso sign
Environmental Battle Lines
Why Exxon Mobil is fast becoming the environmental activists' target of choice.
The End of the Green Belt?
Why town planners want us to think again.
Jimmy Jones who took part in the trespass
Historic Right to Roam
Duke of Devonshire apologises for the Kinder Scout Trespass 70 years ago.
Hazel Pot Beetle
Endangered Beetles
An unusual conservation project yields interesting results in the Lincolnshire countryside

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