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3 Oct 2014
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How We Waged War
The Armed Forces Minister is grilled over the use of cluster bombs during the Iraq war.
Barry Legg
Read more about Andrew Hosken's investigation into the Tory Chief Executive
Illness Caused By Injections
Ruling sparks debate over the existence of Gulf War Syndrome
clare short
Do you agree with Clare Short that Tony Blair is obsessed with his place in history?
Today's Tory focus group
Read the results of the Today Tory focus group
Cherie Blair
Islam Poll
A new poll suggests stark differences between Muslim attitudes.
Cherie Blair
Cherie's role in Foster extradition case
New allegations keep the story running.
Gordon Brown
Ode to the Donkey Jacket
Today looks at other party leaders and reveals some of their more famous possessions.
Gordon Brown
Has Gordon Brown got his sums right?
Hugh Pym reflects on the Chancellor's pre-budget report.
A proposed Asylum Detention Centre
Asylum Centres
The government backs down over plans for camps for asylum seekers
Farm cows
Alternative Farming Union Launched
Just what is wrong with Government farming policy?
Jam Today, Jam Tomorrow
Bob Walker looks at Government plans to cut road congestion.
Tory party logo
Conservative Party Conference
Meet the "happy, handsome people" of Bournemouth.
Tony Blair
Labour Party Conference
James Naughtie reflects on a defining moment in Labour's history.
Come Fly With Me?
Where should Britain's new airports be built?
The IRA Regrets...
The IRA have apologised for 30 years of killing 'non-combatants'.
ID Cards
What Britain thinks of having ID cards that one doesn't have to carry
London traffic jam
Road Signs Reduce Safety
Would making road junctions appear more dangerous actually make them safer?
Kenneth Clarke.
The Debate Over Asylum Centres
Kenneth Clarke warns of violence over plans to build asylum centres.
Tony Blair
Today Trust Poll
Poll suggests growing disillusionment over the government's performance.
Political Party Funding
Results of a Today opinion poll on the funding of UK political parties
Can your MP be bought?
Political Corruption
More than a little brown envelope; Jonty Bloom investigates corruption.
Riots in Oldham.
Oldham Local Elections
What threat do the BNP threat in the local elections? Today investigates.
The Mackenzie family.
Mr and Mrs Mackenzie and the 2002 Budget
Today examines how the budget affects a typical family.

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