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3 Oct 2014
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Inside Kenya
Mike Thomson

The baking bush land in western Kenya where the Masai tribe lives. (This is not far from the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve.)

The Reverend George Campbell of the Full Gospel Church of Kenya in Narok preaching to the runaway girls. He says some parents have come to his church and threatened to kill him with their spears if he doesn't let them take their daughters home to be circumcised.

The town of Narok in Western Kenya which is about four hours drive from the capital, Nairobi. The people here are poor and amenities are basic but much better than the conditions Masai girls experience in the bush.

Agnes Yapan is a co-ordinator for the women's NGO, Maendeleo Ya Wanawake, which campaigns against female genital mutilation (FGM) Her parents did this to her when she was a girl and she's determined to stop others suffering the same fate.

Some of the 37 Masai girls who have run away from home to avoid being circumcised. This can involve the clitoris being cut off and some of the vagina being sewn up. This process isn't only painful it causes many death each year as a result of infections and can cause complications during child birth.

All the girls outside the Full Gospel Church of Kenya in Narok. The church is just across the walled compound from the large dormitory hut that they all sleep in.

Italetian Saoli and his four year-old daughter. He insists that she'll be circumcised as soon as she is ready. This could be in as little as six years time.

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