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3 Oct 2014
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James Naughtie Arab League Summit

By James Naughtie
Today presenter James Naughtie has travelled to Lebanon to cover the Arab League Summit, taking place on the 27th and 28th of March 2002.

26 March
Arrival in Beirut

"It's that atmosphere of anxiety and alarm that pervades all the ritual welcomes and triple kisses...that are taking place over the city"
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27 March
Summit Mired in Drama

"Whither the Saudi peace plan? It was meant to be the means for a pan-Arab promise to Israel - withdrawal from the occupied territories and the acceptance of a Palestinian state in return for normal relations with all Arab states - and it was also an act of optimism. It now seems a feeble hope."
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28 March
Clouds of War

"The Saudi peace plan would be adopted; there would be the traditional words of solidarity with the Palestinians; and the difficulties between Iraq and Kuwait might be mitigated. But just as the outline of a happy ending was being sketched in, there came the news of the Passover bomb in Israel. From everyone came the familiar regret coupled with an appeal, to remember violence committed by the other side - but the air had sharpened."

James Naughtie meets the Lebanese Prime Minister
Listen - As the summit enters its final day James Naughtie reports on a rare discussion with President Assad of Syria. (28/03/2002)
Listen - Jim speaks to the foreign policy advisor of the Saudi Crown Prince. (28/03/2002)
Listen - Jim interviews journalists from Iraq and Beirut on what Iraq wants from the summit. (27/03/2002)
Listen - Interview with Naji Sabri, Iraq's foreign minister. (27/03/2002)
Listen - Yasser Arafat adviser Nabil Shaath speaks with Jim (27/03/2002)
Listen - James Naughtie interviews a Hezbollah member and the Lebanese Prime Minister, Rafiq Hariri, at the Arab League Summit in Beirut (26/03/2002)
Listen - Outgoing UN Human Rights' Commissioner Mary Robinson spoke with Jim in the run up to the conference about the treatment of Arabs by US. (26/03/2002)
Beirut skyline
The skyline of Beirut, venue for the summit
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