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3 Oct 2014
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Killer Roads
A new study of roads across Europe has identified Britain's most dangerous roads
Vintage Valentine
A Valentine's Day tinged with sadness for 102-year-old Olive Hodges
Amy Gehring Interview
Supply teacher Amy Gehring admits to having sex with 16-year-old pupil
Today Listener Figures Rise
Why do you love or hate us? Use this form to let us know. Plus, other listeners' comments
Farewell Finisterre
Sea area Finisterre, familiar from the shipping forecast, has been renamed FitzRoy
Victoria Climbie Inquiry and the NSPCC
An investigation by Angus Stickler
Piqued Peacock
Percy the peacock has ruffled the feathers of his local council
Terror Tots
The children who 'may' become criminals - controversial plans for a new police database
Bristol University
Today Poll
Top universities warn that government targets cannot be achieved
Reggie Kray with lover
Kray Allegations
Police to investigate allegations that Ronnie Kray murdered his twin brother's wife
Farmer David Benton
Farm Raves
Police reluctance to break up parties on New Year's Eve. Plus, emails from Today listeners

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