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3 Oct 2014
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Barnie Choudhury Are YOU a Victor Meldrew?
A new social group of people have been identified. Forget the yuppy - the burning question is - are you a REAL MELDREW?

The 'Meldrews' are frustrated and discontented with society. They are aged between 35-54 and are fed-up with Tony Blair, Iain Duncan Smith, and the government in general. They aren't very positive about the future, and have particular worries about public services. Another fear is their financial future, as pensions funds seem to be dwindling.

A Meldrew is probably quite affluent, although they are fed up with the 'rat-race'. They question people in authority and resent working over-time, even if they're getting paid for it.

Are you a Meldrew? Take this test to find out!

Meldrews - cynics or realists?
select this link to take the Victor Meldrew quiz.
Listen - Rory Maclean explains who the 'Meldrews' are. August 26
Listen - Cold Feet creator Mike Bullen and Psychologist Dr David Lewis discuss the 'Meldrews'. August 26
Listen - If 'Meldrews' want to leave the country, where will they go? August 27
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