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3 Oct 2014
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Churchill's Secret Bunker
It's generally assumed that while London was suffering the worst effects of German bombing during the Second World War Churchill held cabinet meetings and slept under Whitehall in the War Rooms there. But, it turns out he had another bunker - hidden under an unassuming suburban street in Neasden in north-west London. Churchill didn't use it much because he thought it was too far away from the action and found the chronic damp something of a trial.

The woman given the job of monitoring all radio calls and communication between Churchill and President Roosevelt from his various wartime bunkers was Ruth Ive. She was one of eight censors Churchill used - her job was to make sure that no-one said anything out of line that the Germans might pick up on. If they did - her orders were to cut them off.

You can listen to our interview with Ruth here and also hear a report from the bunker, which is about to be opened to the public. Ruth's full story will be available in the May issue of History Today.

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