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3 Oct 2014
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Has the Pop Bubble Burst?

Mark Coles' extended interview with Chris Rea
Chris Rea is one of pop music industry best known and biggest selling stars.

Over the past two decades he has sold 30 million records including hits like Lets Dance, On The Beach and Fool If You Think It's Over.

But following a brush with death he has now had enough of the industry game and the mass-market pop machine. In an outspoken attack he's told Mark Coles the music business is no longer interested in 'real' music.

His new CD, which is being released without the backing of major record label, is an album of gospel blues.

CLICK HERE to listen to an extended un-broadcast version of the interview.

In it he tells Mark about his illness, what's special about 'the blues' and the modern wave of pop artists who need computers to make them sound in tune.

Chris Rea on Top of the Pops in 1989
Listen - to the full interview
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