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3 Oct 2014
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Patricia Amos The Amos Family
The mother and daughters from Banbury on truancy and imprisonment
Patricia Amos is the first woman to have served a prison sentence for not ensuring that her children attended school. In her first broadcast interview she told this programme that she thinks prison works. Her three children also explain why they think the experience has been a positive one for the family. You can also listen to a full version of the interview with Patricia Amos here as well as the shorter broadcast version.

Patricia Amos was sentenced to 60 days in jail in early May for failing top prevent the truancy of two of her daughters, Jackie, 13 and Emma 15. A judge later reduced her sentence and she was released after serving 14 days.

You can read other listeners' opinions on the issue of truancy here.


BBC News reports on the Amos family's story

Patricia Amos leaving court
Listen - Full version of the interview with Patricia Amos (28/05/2002)
Listen - Broadcast version of interview with Patricia Amos about her prison sentence and her children's truancy (28/05/2002)
Listen - Emma and Jackie Amos explain why their mother's imprisonment was for the best (27/05/2002)
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