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3 Oct 2014
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'The Godfather' book cover The Godfather, Part IV.

Read the winning submission.

"Wadda you want, girl?"
"Please sir I need the toilet."
"Listen girl nobody's gonna leave my lesson. You unnerstan?"
"But sir it's a you know, girls problem?"
"Okay. You're scused, but don't you be long. Okay the rest of you. Today we ...What's da problem wit you?"
"Please I need to go too."

- The Godfather Part IV, according to Today listener Mike Moore.

CLICK HERE to read his full submission.

If there's one thing The Godfather films never lacked, it was a vivid imagination and a flare for the unexpected. Now the search is on to duplicate the success of the original book and subsequent Academy Award winning film trilogy.

As Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace proved, recapturing the spirit and magic of a film or book series decades after the originals were produced can be a very tall order. Critics argue it's next to impossible to succeed if the original author is dead.

Mario Puzo penned the original Godfather stories and now, three years after his death, his estate has given the go-ahead to a publishing house to go in search of a author to pick up the story.

Whoever is chosen will be charged with the monumental task of bringing back to life a seedy underworld which shocked and amazed the world. Sufficed to say, they'll also make quite a lot of money.

We asked the Today family to email in suggested introductions / extracts or synopses, outlining how they believe the latest sequel should unfold. Thanks to everyone who took the time to put finger to keyboard.

One stand-out submission was from Mike Moore. You can read it by clicking here.

You may also look (or listen) back over our reporter Dominic Arkwright's effort, by clicking on the first link below.

Again, thanks to everyone who took part.

Read Dominic Arkwright's opening paragraphs
BBC News report on the planned Godfather sequel
BBC News obituary of Mario Puzo
The Mario Puzo Library
Random House

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Mario Puzo
Mario Puzo

Click Here to read Dominic Arkwright's opening paragraphs
Listen - Dominic Arkwright reads his topical sequel to the Mario Puzo original. (26/10/02)
Marlon Brando in the movie version of The Godfather
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