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June 28th 2007

A Motto for the Brown Government 

The new Prime Minister quoted his school motto - "I will try my utmost" - outside Number 10 yesterday before he went into his office for the first time. We asked for your suggestions for a motto for the new government - and have received a huge response.

Email us your thoughtslisten to the item or read some responses we have already received:

- 'We shall toil but not spin'. (Stephen Parish)

- I must apologise, but the first thing that entered my head after listening to your programme this morning was 'ubi fuscus, ibi fimus,' which roughly translates: 'Where there is brown, there is cow-dung'! (Bill Inge)

- My school motto was 'ACHIEVE', which Giles the cartoonist translated as 'ACHEIVE'. For any political party I would suggest the title of a song from Popeye 'LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE' (Bob Delaney)

- It's 40 years since I passed Latin 'O' level but I think that what I want to say is: "Paucior leges face"-"Legislate less." I fear, however, that what we will get is "Plus ça change . . ." (Clive Potter)

- What about: Wha daur meddle wi me? This is the Old Scot's translation of the Latin maxim "nemo me impune lacessit". Which means no one attacks me and gets away with it. (Martin Russell)

- Appropriate to what Mr Brown said yesterday, 'Civitatis Fortuna Cives'... The fortune of the state depends on its citizens. (Brian Balshaw) - I offer my school motto: Sapere aude

- 'Dare to be Wise.' Wisdom was the best known quality of King Solomon - and is the quality to which every Government should aspire. (Tim Barker)

- Gordon Brown's is simple: 'I tax, therefore I am'. (Mark Earl)

- The old Wolverhampton motto was, or probably still is, "Out of darkness cometh light". Mr. Brown's could be "Out of dourness but not out of sight". (Stuart Andrew)

- "Stand and Deliver" which, on the one hand speaks of the strength; purpose required to govern well but on the other may reflect the perception of the British people.

- 'Per ardua ad astra' - work hard and you will get a vauxhall. (Michael Poole)
Email to tell us which you think is the best, or to give your own suggestion

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