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10th June 2004.

Evan Davies' Essays.

Today Programme's Economic Editor Evan Davies has been monitoring the airwaves recently, listening for bizarre goings on and trying to understand the most complicated of issues.

Over a billion pounds a year is spent on academic research, however, only a small amount of that is published to a wider audience.

In a series of essays, Evan will be looking at whatever published research he desires, pondering over them and then deciphering them.

In his first essay, Evan took on the challenge of finding out the answer to the most talked about subject when dining out with friends - how to split a bill at a restaurant.

His second essay, leads Evan to consider a recent academic paper published suggesting that there may be financial benefits in being tall.

Geography is the subject for his third essay. Another recent study published indicates that geography may determine at what age a child leaves the parental nest. Could this be true? - Evan investigates.

In the run up to the elections we’ll be hearing about voter apathy and why there is low turnout at the polls.

However, Evan has decided not to focus on the elections in his fourth essay but concentrate on the British democracy.

A recent paper published described the state of our parliament, so Evan read it and wrote an essay on the essay.

What has happened to the state of our nation's faith? Evan asked some social scientists what their view is.

Are people who undertake voluntary work really happier in life generally? If so, should we all be undertaking some sort of voluntary? Evan investigates.

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