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Friday, 24 September, 2004

Stars of the future

Seldom do sports stars have little to say in front of the microphone. So it must have made a surprising change when Steve May interviewed 7-year-old football prodigy Jack Higginson.

The young star, who has caught the eye of five Premiership clubs as a potential future Wayne Rooney, calmly dispatched each of Steve's questions with a simple "yes". Several listeners emailed us to say "if only government ministers would be so straightforward in their answers."

And try as he might, Steve just couldn't get the young striker to divulge any details of his footballer's lifestyle. Even the mention of fast cars, always a subject of great interest to Premiership stars, drew a measured single-word reply.
Many of you wrote in to say that Steve's use of closed questions lending themselves to a single word answer were partly to blame. So we wondered whether we could find a future broadcasting star to give Steve a few pointers and remind him how it should be done.

Ten year-old Jordan Daley writes for Children's Express, a news agency run by young people. He has also appeared on the BBC's Big Toe Radio Show. We asked Jordan to come into our studio and interview Steve about his career and how he became a Today presenter.

Jordan says that at Children's Express they have a policy of asking questions starting with when, where, how, what, when or why. These are open questions which don't get yes or no answers.

On being interviewed by ten year-old Jordan, Steve said: "He was very good, very confident and he got his questions over in a concise way. One for the future I'd say!"

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