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June 28th 2007

Today Programme Birdbox

It's the British Trust for Ornithology National Nest Box Week - which aims to highlight the need for the British public to put up suitable nestboxes for the nation's birds. We wanted to mark the occasion by having our own TODAY programme Bird box. See our two special designs below from leading British architect Will Alsop - known for his avant-garde style  and Sunand Prasad - serving president of RIBA.

Today Programme Birdbox designed by Sunand Prasad, President of RIBA

This is range of Nest Boxes of different sizes from a single compartment –or apartment – nest box to the largest which has apartments for six birds. The idea of the different sizes is that some birds like to be in groups. Being cone shaped, the boxes can be made from flat sheet. The enclosure has three layers – an inner lining of plywood, and outer shell of clear acrylic and a coloured felt interlayer. Some birds are attracted to colours and the felt could be used decoratively as shown in the coloured sketch.

The nest boxes would be suspended from a single thin stainless wire which would make it difficult for predators like squirrels to get to the boxes and smooth outer shell will make it additionally difficult for them to get a grip. The base is a thick wooden disk and with the ply inner lining will make a very warm and cosy interior. The felt will provide additional insulation. The nest boxes could be suspended from sturdy branches hanging like weird fruit in trees or from brackets on walls if more sheltered positions are desired. 

Today Programme Birdbox designed by Will Alsop.

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