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SOUNDSCAPE: The Rats' Tales
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A fictional 5-part series narrated by Jane Lapotaire.
Monday to Friday 21 - 25 February 2005  3.45-4.00pm

The Rats' Tales is a dramatic and evocative series, following the lives of three female, brown rats and their struggle to survive and raise their families alongside their human companions.

Young brown rats. Courtesy of British Wildlife Centre.

Episode 2. Tuesday 13 September, 2005, 15.45-16.00

A fight breaks out in the Tyneside sewer, when an intruder invades the territory of the brown sewer rats. Meanwhile on a Suffolk farm, a litter of rats is born to the female whose nest is beneath the hollow old oak.  As soon as their eyes are open, at five days old, the inquisitive young rats constantly wandering off. When they are about 3 weeks old, they finally leave the safety of the nest and their mother and are on their own.

One of the youngsters, scampers off through the long grass towards the woodland, where the tawny owls hear him moving through the long grass. A young rat makes a perfect snack for a tawny owl! Meanwhile on Tyneside, our young female, now two months old, is ready to mate.

The male rats know this from the scent she produces, and a high ranking male, (a good mate for the female) mates with her. The sewer also has a visit from the pest control officers who deposit their deadly baits, determined to rid control the rising rat population.

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