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Richard Daniel chairs the interactive environmental programme in which he and his guests deal with listeners' questions and concerns.
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C02 release through forest fires in Indonesia
C02 Storage
Cabbage White Butterflys
Calculating Rainfall
Can carbon be captured from car exhaust gases and stored harmlessly away from the atmosphere?
Can lightbulbs heat your home?
Can mosquito and other biting insects transmit viruses including HIV?
Can Oak be Harvested Sustainably?
Can slugs smell?
Can solar radiation be used to produce large quantities of fresh water?
Can the quality of soil be improved by remineralising it with crushed rock?
Can we build houses for wildlife as well as people?
Can we store nuclear waste in space?
Can we use disused North Sea oil wells to store our waste?
Can you see the Great Wall of China from Space?
Canadian Pesticide Ban
Car Life Cycles
Carbon and sulphur emissions from volcanoes
Carbon dioxide emissions from animals
Carbon offset programmes and calculators
Carbon Offsets and Carbon Trading
Cardiff Barrage
Carlisle floods, The
Carrying bacteria on space missions
Causes of drought in Eritrea
Celsius and Centigrade
Central Railway, The
Centre of mass in solar system
Changes in UK sea fish population
Cholorophyll and creeping thistles
Choosing what packaging to buy to reduce your environmental impact.
Christmas Lights
Christmas Trees
Circum-horizontal arcs
City Trees starved of nutrients? Will they seek out water and damage sewers?
Classification of Life and Species
Cleaner fish
Climate Change
Climate Change
Climate Change: Even if humans had no effect on climate
Climate Change: Sea's Salinity
Clothes Moths
Cloud Seeding
Cluster flies
Coal Gasification
Coastal environmental protection
Cod worms
Coffee and garden pests
Cold Water Coral
Collapse of Larsen B Ice Shelf
Colour of Demoiselles
Colour of Lightning, The
Combi Boliers - Pros and Cons
Combined heat and power
Compost toilets and reed beds
Container threat to marine environment
Contamination of soil
Contortionist Toads
Cooking Eggs without fire
Copper Strips and Moss
Coppicing mature trees
Cosmic dust
Cosmic rays and particles from outer space
Could ozone from exhaust pollution help plug the hole on the ozone layer?
Creating and maintaining wildflower meadows
Creeping Dead Zones
Crickets and Grasshoppers - Differences
Crow-on-heron violence
Cuckoo spit
Culling of kangaroos
Cut flowers from Kenya

DAB Radio in times of Emergency?
Daddy Long Legs
Daddy Long Legs Spider
Daddy Long Legs Spiders
Dark Matter
Davos delegates: part of the environmental problem?
Daylight Saving
DDT to combat malaria?
Declining Songbirds
Deep sea fish
Deforestation and the banning of forest fires in Nepal
Desert Birds
Did the Black Death create the so-called mini ice-age?
Dish washing
Displacement of the gulf stream
Disposable Wipes
Disposal of dead pets
Disposal of low-energy lightbulbs
Disposal of radioactive smoke alarms batteries?
Do birds feel the cold?
Do concentrations of oxygen fall in cities and can asthmatics detect those low concentrations?
Do earthquakes effect climate change?
Do Human Beings produce more CO2 than Cars
Do human medicines enter the environment via the sewage system?
Do people with longer legs use less energy when they walk?
Do Pigeons Swim?
Do social wasps behave like bees?
do they have any natural predators?
Do we design for the car?
Does harvesting cockles harm wading birds?
Does living in a flat make it more difficult to lead a greener lifestyle?
Does meat production harm the environment?
Does putting cycles on the top of your car reduce your mileage?
Does rural life imposes greater costs on the environment than urban life?
Domestic power from cycling
Domestic Wind Turbines & Solar Power
Double Tides in the English Channel
Draft London Plan, The
Driest place in Britain and the Fens Project, The
Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska
Dumping Sewage
Dung and Jerusalem artichokes as Bio-fuel
Durability of straw houses
Dust and its impact on the oceans
Dutch Elm Disease in the UK

Hands-on nature
Harnessing the power of rivers
Harvested forest thrive?
Haskins Report, The
Have Human Beings Ceased to Evolve?
Hazel Weevil, The
Head Lice
Heat in the atmosphere
Heat in the atmosphere and air source heat pumps
Heat produced by different energy sources
Heather Beetles
Heating from animal and human waste
Hedgehogs in the Outer Hebrides
Hedgerow trees
Helium 3
Help with wildflower meadows
Hemp's role in a sustainable future
Herbicides/Pesticides in glasshouses
Home Planet Carbon Footprint
Honey Bees: Disorientation
Hormone mimicking
Horse Chestnut Canker
Horse Chestnut Leaf miner
Hot Air
House martins and house sparrows?
How are shells formed?
How can you tell whether a badger has TB?
How did salt get into the sea?
How do birds know that spring has arrived?
How do birds navigate?
How do plants mimic human characteristics?
How do ponds freeze?
How do salmon and trout survive in freshwater and saltwater?
How do we measure biodiversity?
How heavy are clouds?
How is coal made from trees?
How is the supply of volcanic lava replenished?
How is the Universe expanding?
How much carbon dioxide do the oceans soak up?
How much carbon does a tree store?
How much energy is used in recycling paper?
How much land would I need to keep my family self-sufficient in vegetables?
How much oxygen is there in the atmosphere?
How much water and organic material is tied up in the bodies of human beings?
How Plants Move
How the human population is growing in height
How to take off from the Moon
How will stored carbon dioxide remain underground and not leak back into the atmosphere?
Humane Mousetraps
Humming-bird hawk moth
Hummingbird Hawk Moths
Hydro Electric Power in Iceland and the Pink Footed Goose
Hydrogen Sulphide
Hydrogen Sulphide and the Permian Extinction


Safe Disposal of Batteries
Salmon and Global Warming
Salt Levels
Salt Marshes
Salt Water Flush
Salvinia Fern
Salvinia Fern
Samphire harvesting
Sand dunes
Saving Energy In The Home
Scientific value of public wildlife surveys
Sea defences and coastal erosion
Sea Farming
Sea Level Rise and Nuclear Power Stations
Sea-bed recyling
Seagulls in Dunstable
Self Observation: Light and Space
Selling Electricity to the National Grid
Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide
Severn Barrage - Impact on Bird-Life
Severn Estuary
Severn Estuary, The
Sewage heating homes
Shellfish: 'R in the Mouth'
Ships hitting whales
Shooting song birds
Shop Heating
Should we feed garden birds?
Sichuan Earthquake
Sites of Special Scientific Interest
Slow worms
Slugs and snails
Soil Invertebrates
Soil Minerals and Nutrients
Solar disinfection
Solar flares
Solar Panels
Solar panels in new properties
Solitary Bees: Do they sting?
Solitary Dolphins
Sound and the wind
Space Rocket Pollution
Spanish Hydrological Plan
sparrows and song thrushes?
Spider predator
Spiders' webs
Spiders' Webs
Spore technology
Sri Lankan Wetlands
Stag beetles
Success of the Jubilee River
Sudden oak death
Sugar Beet Fungus
Sulphur dioxide emissions from ships
Sulphuric acid and potatoes
Sun and sunblock
Sun and Warm Weather , The
Sunbathing blackbirds
Sunlight and Smoke in the Atmosphere
Sustainable Forests
Sycamore trees
Wasps and Badgers
Waste incineration; the benefits
Waste miles
Wasted heat from power stations
Water cycle - from rain to the tap
Water filters
Water softeners
Water Table, The
Water use in the former Soviet Union
Wetlands and Greenhouse gases
What damage is done by plastic to the sea and sea-birds?
What damage to the environment does scientific exploration do?
What does a tonne of C02 look like?
What happens to spent lead shot in the countryside?
What happens to sunscreen that is washed off people into the sea and can it cause environmental problems?
What has happened to the populations of blackbirds
What impact will making hydrogen from water have on our water supply and where will the energy to produce the hydrogen come from?
What is driving the current high cost of food?
What is the "Last Ice Age"?
What is the green flash I can sometimes see when the sun sets?
What is the herbicide Aminopyralid and why has it been causing problems on allotments?
What is the impact of burning peat?
What is the impact on low flying aircraft on walrus?
What is the point of birds?
What is the potential environmental impact of waste heat from power stations?
What is the state of play of research into oil from algae
What is wind-chill?
What research has been done into the phosphate induced process of eutrophication in inshore waters?
what similar features affect central Europe and the Middle East
What was impaling beetles on barbed wire fences in the Inner Hebrides?
What's happening to our frog spawn?
What's in a slug's trail?
Where did the water on Planet Earth come from?
Where do all the fieldfares go?
Where do all the snails in my garden come from?
Where does Space start?
Where does the rubber worn away from tyres end up?
Whisky and peat
Who are we related to?
Who stands to gain from GM foods?
Why are planets spherical?
Why can't nuclear waste be re-used so all the radioactivity is consumed in energy production and it is no longer dangerous?
Why did the small leaved lime disappear so quickly from British woodland?
Why does Venus appear to spin backwards?
Why the height of the tides varies daily
Wildlife news
Will burning fossil fuels reduce the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere?
Will different road surfaces reduce tyre noise and what would be the impact of planting more trees on road noise?
Will ice melt in The Alps affect diatoms in the sea?
Will melting glaciers and ice sheets significantly affect the salinity of the ocean?
Will painting roofs white reflect sunlight back into space and reduce global warming?
Will the new Marine Bill include provision to protect Sand Eels from over dredging?
Wind borne pesticides: Africa's impact on Caribbean coral reefs
Wind Turbines and Birds
Wind Turbines Effect on the Weather
Wind turbines: how do they affect bats?
Windfarms and marine ecology
Winter temperature and our health
Wood Based Society, A
Worms and Wormeries
Wren, The

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