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Tuesday 15:00-15:30
Richard Daniel chairs the interactive environmental programme in which he and his guests deal with listeners' questions and concerns.
Call 0370 010 0400
Home Planet, PO Box 3096, Brighton BN1 1PL
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Richard Daniel
Tuesday 12 August 2008
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Professor Philip Stott
A Parliament of Things

Dr Anna Lawrence

Ehsan Masood

Recording at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust - Slimbridge. Wed 10th September at 5:00pm

We will be recording a special edition of the programme at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust centre at Slimbridge in Gloucestershire. If you want to come along and pose a question for the panel then please do email, phone the helpline or write to us, contact details are below. If you just want to come and meet the panel and be part of the audience then you will be more than welcome. Just come to the centre for 5:00pm.

WWT Slimbridge centre.

Head lice search

We are asking for your help in tracking the spread of head lice in the UK, how they are treated and how different organisations deal with outbreaks. If you have any recent experience of head lice please do let us know at

This week's programme

Is it a good idea to pay loggers not to cut down trees?

The latest version of the Kyoto protocol, the Bali Mandate, contains proposals to fund countries not to cut down rainforests. A listener wanted to know whether this was a practical and sensible approach.

UN Climate Change Conference in Bali

UN Convention on Biodiversity

Briefing papers outlining some of the challenges of payments for ecosystem services.

Are there any potential disadvantages to eradication mosquitoes?

A listener wanted to know what good is in these disease carrying insects and whether eradicating them would cause harm to other organisms by removing a food supply or pollinator.

General mosquito biology.

The blunt leaved bog orchid, pollinated by mosquitoes.

Information on some mosquito borne diseases.

WHO information on their Global Malaria Programme.

Will different road surfaces reduce tyre noise and what would be the impact of planting more trees on road noise?

A summary of the causes of tyre noise from the University of Cambridge.

A report on tyre noise for the UK government Department for Transport.

An article on tyre noise including some videos on tyre testing.

Research programmes from the People, trees and woodlands theme of the Forestry Commission.

What impact will making hydrogen from water have on our water supply and where will the energy to produce the hydrogen come from?

An introduction to the process of making hydrogen by electrolysis of water.

An article on the proposed Icelandic hydrogen economy from the BBC.

The International Partnership for the Hydrogen Economy.

A sceptical view of the hydrogen economy.

Why did the small leaved lime disappear so quickly from British woodland?

The small leaved lime information.

An article about the presence and decline of the small leaved lime in the pollen record.

An article on the propagation and uses of the small leaved lime.

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