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Tuesday 15:00-15:30
Richard Daniel chairs the interactive environmental programme in which he and his guests deal with listener's questions and concerns.
Call 03700 100 400
Home Planet, PO Box 3096, Brighton BN1 1PL
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Richard Daniel
Tuesday 3 September 2002
Home Planet


Ros Taylor
Kingston University

Baroness Barbara Young
Chief Executive, Environment Agency

Professor Philip Stott
University of London


Hot Air

Your programme often suggests that certain actions should be implemented after an item has been discussed. Does anybody take notes of these and other suggestions in order to hopefully get words put into actions? As with Question Time-style debates, I am often left with the feeling that any constructive ideas are left to vanish into thin air instead of followed up and turned into reality.
Starting a Recycling Business

I've just spent two hours ploughing through useless information on the internet trying to find information on recycling. I want to create a business which recycles the waste produced by wood-working industries around where I live. I own a 25 acre site and have spent the last 20 years successfully running my own company and now I want to put something back to help our planet. Where can I get advice and support for such a venture?


Can our canal network take some of the freight from our roads?

UK Canals Network
Canals and Waterways
Scottish Canals
British Waterways

Rainforest Feedback

The programme aired the views of John Park, founder of The Wood Bureau, which promotes wood.

The Wood Bureau

The Earth from the Air

Details of the photographic exhibition at the
Natural History Museum.

Liming and Limestone Quarrying
We're moving to an area near the Margaret River to produce wine and olives. Liming the soil is standard practice there because of the very acid soils. Is the practice of quarrying and crushing limestone to apply to farmland sustainable?

UK Mineral Quarries
National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory
The Industrial Landscape
Longcliffe Farmers' Link
British Geological Survey
Dr Nicholson Research
BBC article on quarrying
Nottingham University info

The Pedalling Powerhouse

An athlete from Birmingham asked whether or not his group of friends could power their own house using tread mills or bikes on rollers. These are Philip Stott's calculations:

  • Ever optimistic, assume a small, highly-efficient, ecohouse requiring our cyclist to produce, on a sunny day, about 2 usable kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy (remember energy is measured in kilowatt hours).
  • A reasonable cyclist can produce about 260 W (watts) of peak power, although the figure for more continuous cycling is likely to fall to around 150 watts, and this is probably only truly sustainable for some 30 minutes. You therefore would need between 8 to 14 cyclists pedalling furiously for one hour to get anywhere near sustaining even the tiny demands of our ecofriendly house.
  • A top racing cyclist, a Superpedaller, by contrast, with around 150 rpm at crank, could just about produce, in old fashioned terms, 0.6 HP (horsepower), or some 440 watts of peak power. In this case, you would want around 5 Tour de France-level cyclists peddling in line with effortless ease for an hour or so, although this does not really allow for friction, energy efficiency loss, or sheer exhaustion!
  • And for the Pooh Bears of this world, not to mention real houses - well, 70 hours a day might just about do it, if not eclipsed by death! And you have to crack the problem of battery charging. Nevertheless, a nice idea to peddle.
  • Bicycle Powered Generator
    Bicycle Effeciency and Power
    Energy and Power Definitions

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