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Monday 16:30-17:00
Simon Cox is at the helm as the programme which explores the latest developments and issues in the world of IT returns for a fourth series.
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16 March 2009
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valves on Colossus, WW2 codebreaking machine
Whether you've embraced technology willingly, or you’re slowly learning the delights of the digital world, this series will have something for you. Simon Cox finds out how modern technology touches our lives.
21st century shopping
Simon visits one of the UK's most hi-tech shopping centres to discover how technology could transform the shopping experience - from making it simpler to find a parking space at the start of your trip, to delivering all your purchases to you at the end.  He's then joined in studio by Martin Raymond to talk about how to ensure technology enhances the way we shop - and whether that might mean spending less, rather than more, time on the shop floor.
Paid Blogging
Simon explores "sponsored conversation" - a marketing trend which sees companies paying bloggers to write about their products and services. Rupert Goodwins, Click On's resident technology expert, and Phil Adams who works in digital marketing, discuss the its use as a marketing tool, the importance of transparency, reach and influence, and whether it's a trend we're likely to see more of.
Pixelh8 at Bletchley Park - making music from old computers
Musician Matthew Applegate, also known as Pixelh8, makes his living reprogramming vintage computer systems and writing software to produce interesting sounds for the likes of Damon Albarn and Imogen Heap. For the past few months he's been working at the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park - home of WW2 codebreaking activities and birthplace of the modern computer - to create a new musical composition called "Obsolete?", which will be performed this weekend using the machines housed in the museum.  Rupert Goodwins joins him to explore the history of computers through the noises they make.

For more information:
The National Museum of Computing

Digital Inclusion for the Elderly
Recent research from OFCOM suggests that the elderly are the fastest growing group of technology users.  But an estimated 9 million people over the age of 55  don't use computers or the internet.  With an increasing number of services only available or much cheaper online, and far more of our communication taking place using computers, there are concerns that the elderly are becoming increasingly excluded by technology.   A trip to a mobile bus offering computer training to pensioners shows just how much enthusiasm for technology exists among older people, and as Age Concern launch a campaign to encourage older people to embrace online communication, the charity's Leonie Vlatchas talks to Simon about the importance of digital inclusion.

For more information:
My friends online - Age Concern
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