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Monday 16:30-17:00
Simon Cox is at the helm as the programme which explores the latest developments and issues in the world of IT returns for a second series.
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Monday 8th October 2007
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a virtual war zone scenario
Whether you've embraced technology willingly, or you’re slowly learning the delights of the digital world, this series will have something for you. Simon Cox finds out how modern technology touches people's lives.
Simon explores the world of serious games - finding out how off the shelf computer games are being adapted by the military to prepare soldiers for active service.  Simon visits QinetiQ in Farnborough, a defence and security software company who are working alongside the MoD to develop these games, and sees the virtual war zones for himself.  In the studio he's joined by Professor Bob Stone from Birmingham University's Human Interface Technologies team, who is working on using games scenarios to help soldiers suffering from psychological symptoms on their return from combat.

For more information
Human Interface Technologies at the University of Birmingham

Click On's reporter Moira Hickey visits the village of Wedmore in Somerset, which has suffered an influx of HGVs which are, the residents believe, being misdirected there by sat-nav systems. Somerset County Council have surveyed their counterparts across Britain, and found this to be a widespread problem - so what should be done?  Part of the problem is that information about height and weight restrictions is not showing up on sat-nav systems, which are mainly designed for consumer rather than commercial use.  Simon is joined in the studio by Alan Rasmussen from TeleAtlas, who provide digital mapping for sat-nav companies, and Tom Satterthwaite, Road Network Data Manager for Ordnance Survey to discuss the changes which need to be made to help villages such as Wedmore.

Internet Archive
The internet archive is a huge project which aims to take snapshots and preserve a digital library of the entire internet.  Its founders say that maintaining the archive is essential to prevent the internet - with its frequently updated pages - from disappearing into the past. Simon meets Jon Aizen, the web engineer for the internet archive's website, to find out more - and takes a look at what the Radio 4 website was like in its past incarnations.  And technology journalist Rupert Goodwins reflects on the importance of maintaining a historical record of this new medium. 

For more information:
Internet Archive
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