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Wednesday 21:00-21:30
Rajesh Mirchandani presents a new series covering the latest developments and issues in the world of IT.
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About the programme
Wednesday 14th February 2007
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A bar in virtual world Second Life. Copyright 2007, Linden Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Whether you've embraced technology willingly, or you’re someone who struggles to find the 'on' switch on a PC, this series will have something for you. Rajesh Mirchandani finds out how modern technology touches people's lives in this lively magazine programme.
In this week's programme:

The government has announced that e-voting trials will take place in selected local authorities during this May's local elections.  How would you feel about exchanging a ballot paper for the click of the mouse?  One country which has embraced internet voting is Estonia - where internet voting will be an option in the upcoming parliamentary election.  The BBC's Baltic correspondent Laura Sheeter tells Rajesh about the Estonian experience, and Lawrence Pratchett, Professor of Local Government at De Montfort University joins Rajesh in the studio to discuss the pros and cons of voting online.

Web 2.0: the rise of social software
It's Valentine's Day - so when better to think about how the web affects human relationships.  The internet has changed the way we interact - and now the way we interact is changing the internet.  Pioneering blogger Tom Coates tells Rajesh about "Web 2.0" - a second generation of the web, where collaboration and sharing is key, and Penguin's Digital Editor Jeremy Ettinghausen reports on the progress of a "wikinovel" - an experiment to find out if the collaborative spirit of the internet can be applied to creative writing.

For the budding cyberauthor:
A Million Penguins

Second Life
One of the most intriguing forms of online community is virtual worlds - whole online environments where people can step into a new existence.  Rajesh takes a trip into the best known virtual world, Second Life, where he meets a young man who explains just how much this online world means to him.  And he's joined in the studio by out and proud Second Lifers Aleks Krotoski and Jo Twist, to discuss just what it can tell us about identity, community and the merging of our online and offline worlds.

For more information:
Second Life

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