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Monday 16:30-17:00
Simon Cox is at the helm as the programme which explores the latest developments and issues in the world of IT returns for a fourth series.
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30 March 2009
image of a galaxy
Whether you've embraced technology willingly, or you’re slowly learning the delights of the digital world, this series will have something for you. Simon Cox finds out how modern technology touches our lives.
Digital identity
Biometric systems are becoming increasingly common - they can be found in schools, libraries, and now in corner shops. Caz Graham visits an off-licence in the northwest to see how a biometric identity scheme is helping shop managers ensure they don't sell alcohol to anyone under 18. In the studio Simon is joined by Peter Bradwell from Demos think tank, and IT consultant Dave Birch to discuss when biometric systems should be used, and why there are privacy and security fears surrounding the technology.

Air Traffic Control
Adam Fowler visits the National Air Traffic Service's Swanwick control centre in Hampshire, where he sees the technology which helps co-ordinate over 2 million flights per year in action, and finds out how the systems have been created to ensure safety and reliability at all times.
Clay Shirky
Simon meets internet commentator Clay Shirky, who believes that the web is as revolutionary a tool as the printing press, allowing what he calls the "mass amateurisation" of any number of skills - enabling people to do things not for a wage, but for the love of taking part.  Clay explains to Simon why he'd like to see more people turning off their television sets and going online to unleash their creative potential.

Galaxy Zoo
Astronomer Chris Lintott shows Simon how to classify pictures of galaxies - a skill anyone can learn via the Galaxy Zoo website; a project which invites members of the public to help sort different types of galaxies.  The project has led to new science which wouldn't be possible without public involvement, and which could only have been done with the web connections we have today.

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