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SATURDAY LIVE: Your Ghost Stories
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Reverend Tom Willis has carried out hundreds of exorcisms over the years.

He told us about his experiences and this prompted many of you to share your own stories. Read some of them below...

Your ghost stories...

I was staying at my girlfriend's house in the spare room in the early days of our romance (we are now married). I went to bed in the spare room. After about twenty minutes the door flew open and I saw a figure of a woman move from one end of the room to the other. I called my girlfreinds name Sheila and the figure came to me and held my hand. I remember the hand as being very boney and on her wrist she wore a watch with bright green fluoresent dial. The figure then left as quickly as she came in. The next day my girlfriend, my mother in law and my father in law all denied it was them and for the record none of them had a fluoresent green dialed watch. A few weeks later I told the story to my girlfriend's sister. She told me that the room I slept in had been her room as a child and often when she was alone in the room she would see a pair of green fluoresent eyes staring at her from the corner of the room. Fi I do believe in ghosts. 


We live in a beautiful old house with a fantastic history. We have at least three 'residents' who appear to some of the family and sometimes to our guests. they are benign and i believe pop through the fabric of time just to keep an eye on 'their' house and us. Some appearances are very brief, one is simply a child crying, another spends quite a lot of time following me whilst I use the vacuum cleaner! We wouldn't want them to leave - they are part of the fabric of the house and belong here as much as we do.


I am a professional photographer and some years ago I photographed a ghost in the medieval Coventry Guild Hall -the image has been closely examined for a TV programme and reproduced many times via the Fortean picture library. It is a really spooky image of a cowled monk resting his arms on a sword(?)which appears in a hall full of people saying grace before sitting down to the Lord Mayor's Banquet, which is what I had been commissioned to photograph! 


While my Polish mother was at a D.P. camp in Siegen, Germany after the war she went for a walk in early summer up into the hills. Tired, she sat and rested under a tree. Half asleep she heard these heavy footsteps walking through the grass. "He" then with much weight sat on her knee. She was terrified and couldn't move. Being brought up as a Roman Catholic she crossed herself said a prayer and "he" got up and walked away!!??


We have rented an old cottage outside Inverness for over 5 years. When we first moved in there was a sense that there was some disturbance, and there was this feeling of things moving in the periphery of our vision whilst we moved about the house. This soon went, but for the last 5 years we have very occasionally, always when me or my wife are alone, experienced something knock loudly on the bedroom door when we are asleep at night. The reaction is to bolt upright, but I’ve always been too scared to ask “who’s there?” My wife has also experienced on a couple of occasions someone whisper her name loudly in her ear. Although we are terrified when it happens, we have never really felt in danger, and the family has made a bit of a joke about it naming the intruder “the phantom knocker”. We’ve even now included a Christmas ritual where somebody knocks on the living room door and there is a present mysteriously waiting on the other side. However, none of us has the courage to move around the house in the dark, and we always have a light on, no matter.


I saw something strange while house sitting for my parents. I was sleeping in their bedroom and was woken up at 3 in the morning by a close family friend. He was sitting on the end of the bed wearing a Noel Coward style silk smoking jacket and pill box hat with a gold tassle and trim. My thought were very calm and reasoned, he must be dead, I turned over and went back to sleep. Thought no more of it and went to work. 3 days later parents came back and phoned me at work to tell me that I need not go back to the house and feed the cat etc as they were home..........and had I been phoned my the family friend. I told them no, why? My mother then went on to tell me he had died in his sleep 3 days earlier. It was then I looked as if I'd seen a ghost and work mates told me so! Parents wouldn't take me seiously until I described in great detail what he was wearing, turns out my mother made the hat as a joke Xmas Pressie for him before I was born. Still don't know what I saw or why. But a strange coincidence.


We moved to our home 16 years ago and over the first few weeks became aware of a presence on the stairs.One day I saw what I believd was my visiting mother in law .I walked into my daughters bedroom and there was granny sitting on the bed -so who had I seen?It was only when I saw mother that I wondered who it was it I had subconsciously noted on the landing.My sceptical husband also admitted to seeing something in the mirror on the stairs.It was a gentle presence,not seen her since -I think she was just checking us out.
Talking to villagers later in the year a lady, who lived in the house as a girl remembers the story of a woman on the stairs on a date in July(we saw this 'thing' in July). More investigation I found that a lady called Mrs Fry lived an eccentric later life in our home-I believe it is she. My name before I was married was Fry...I don't come from this area! We are quite happy to share our home with its past resident and always say hello to any strange creaks or feelings!


We had a ghost in our old house , it pored water into ash trays at night and sometimes on the floor. Little daughter who was five asked. "Is this house ok? because I keep seeing things that aren't there". Then we met the woman who lived in the house before us and she asked whether the water ghost was still there. But the best of all, if we over slept it would open the blinds and wake us up. we liked our ghost and I hope he (as we presumed it was a he) is still there.


In November two years ago my partner Barrie and I were driving on the road between Amersham and Haselmere in Bucks. It was dark and raining. Suddenly a man wearing a trilby hat and a mac (circ 1930's)with a turned up collar walked across the road directly in front of our car. He was so near that there was no way we could avoid hitting him. I screamed and we stopped the car thinking we had killed him. There was no-one there. We never did find out if there had been a fatal accident here in the past.


We had a ghost we semi-affectionally called Stinky in our family home that was some kind of spirit. There was a column of a skinking rotting fish smell that was in the lounge. My parents pulled up floorboards and could not find any source for it. My father was a minister and eventually decided that it was something supernatural and exercised the house. After he blessed the house it moved upstairs but did not go. Eventually my mum recorded hymns and scriptures on to a tape and placed the tape-player in the middle of the column of smell. It went within 24 hours. Years later it would occasionally reappeared, but when told to go would do so. I can remember as about an 10 year old it came back onto the landing and only my mum was in and she was in the bath. I can remember her saying to me you sort it out, you can pray just as well as I can and so I read a verse of scripture and told Stinky to go which he did. It has appeared once in my family home and once in my sister's home after we had both left home and had a family, when we told it we didn't want it in our homes it left and the link with our family has gone.


My husband collected books and had a vast collection when he died 3 years ago. We jokingly spoke about how we would contact one another after our deaths. He thought his connection would be through books. 18 months later, and very in the morning I heard an enormous crash upstairs in the loft. On investigation a whole bookcase full of books had fallen on the floor spreading far and wide. These stored books had been there for 5 years previously and never moved. I had been in quite a dilemma as to how or when I should dispose of the books. To my mind it was him saying - get shot of them now! Please don't use my name if you use this.

We realised after the birth of our daughter that we had a 'presence' in our house in the form of a distinctive smell (decaying fish) and a drop in temperature. It moved randomly from our bathroom to different points along the landing to the nursery and was frequently felt at the head of Saskia's cot, appearing to watch over her.It was unsettling at the beginning but after a while we became used to it and no it wasn't Saskia's dirty nappies!! After about 3 years the 'presence' followed my husband and I to the car, got in with us and left and we have not been aware of it since then! People try to give explanations about this but my husband and I both felt that it was a protective spirit - we are sane, rational people!


We lived for 45 years until March of this year in an old East Anglian farmhouse the oldest part of which dates from circa 1200ad-it was an old "open "house.During our time in the house various events occured such as pillows being pulled from under heads,and taps being turned on by themselves,I was very sceptical until my son who was a model baby screamed his head off in the middle of the night and would not settle until my wife had pulled the cot out of the room in question where all these events happened. We simply did not use this room ,which incidentally had a coffin trap as the winding staircases it would have been impossible to get a coffin up or downstairs. The family had a challenge in 2001 which in the opinion of those with whom we consulted could have been the result of malignant spirits.Consequently we had a "house cleansing"service which included 2 vicars and an man similar to your guest this morning who was well versed in getting rid of unwanted/evil spirits. We as a group-the team plus my wife and I toured the house room by room with instructions to relate on the spot if we experienced any physical changes,Again I tagged along sceptically until we arrived in a small bedroom when I felt a tight band around my forehead and my wife who always had cold hands suddenly felt the red hot -and they were!.The system deployed is that the window in each room is opened.the door closed and sealed with the sign of the cross,the expert then prays a bids any lingering spirit to depart through the open window and find Jesus. On going through this ritual in the attic everyone felt a tremendous rush of air followed by peace. The family challenge we had was resolved and this old sceptic(75) will no longer pooh pooh such things and apologises to those who had experiences in my house which I derided. 


I am an Anglican priest and prison chaplain without superstition. No experience of the 'para-normal' BUT 20yrs ago after spending a fortnight at The Abbey on Iona, (Sexuality and Spiritualty 1st week, Celtic spirituality in art and music 2nd week) I travelled back to visit friends in Halifax. Changing trains at Preston, I entered a carriage and sat in the seat in front of an attractive young woman! I was not wearing any clerical/priestly garb. Some time later, a voice addressed me from behind. "Are you one of us?" Startled as to what particular identity might be in question, my reply was "Perhaps. What do you mean?" Her answer came "A wiccan". "Why do you ask" I countered, "When you entered the carriage I noticed your distinct aura" Further questioning on my part disclosed that my interlocutor was a wicca/white witch, travelling from Blackpool to Scarborough, and involved in domestic exorcisms. She was undismayed when I told her that I was an ordained priest, and seemed to me during our brief and passing acquaintance as both sane and reasonable. But then your hostile sceptics would say,"Who is he so to judge?" !


In the 60s,we bought a 5-storey Victorian house in Holland Park Avenue. Built around 1840.We moved in with three young children and another baby due. It is relevant to say that there was a school next door where we sent the children. First intimations that we were sharing the place with ANother: Smell of freshly-picked,rain-washed hyacinths in the drawing-room,where there were none.Rain-washed,or otherwise. A charming,other-world house-warming gift. The kids came home for lunch,going back to school again at 2 p.m. One day,standing in the kitchen,back to the door,I sensed that I was not alone. Turning round,looking through the kitchen door,I saw a small figure in a longish dress standing at the top of the stairs. Thinking that it was our 6-year-old daughter,I looked at my watch.Called out that it was 2 o'clock,that she would be late.Figure vanished. It wasn't our daughter. She'd left on time with her brothers. Sightings continued from time to time.Noises on stairs outside children's bedroom.Thumpings which frightened them Things chucked around kitchen,Pots lifting and crashing to the floor. My husband - a writer and journalist - sometimes working from home,kept losing things.Documents disappearing then re-appearing days later,in different places. "F" flew off the typewriter. F-off! shouted my husband. Finally,we resorted to a well-known ghost buster. My husband had put Bank statements plus Passport into a file inpreparation to seeing his Accountants. These vanished.Never to be seen again. The ghost buster did his work over the phone.Never visited the house. Told us a family had lived here in the mid-1800s.Their young son had died from pneumonia.Their daughter,later,from diphtheria. The little girl,devastated by his death remained in the house after her own demise,searching for him in the house and garden!She told this to the GB.Also asking" Don't you think I'm clever?" Asking "Why" she replied "At hiding all those things?" He replied that he didn't think much of it,that she should be with her parents. She was dressed in a long frock and ballet shoes. Kept pointing her toes all the time while she was talking. GB told her he was going to return her to her mother.She seemed very glad. My own view is that she must have been bored stiff for all those years. Her mother,accompanied by angels,came to collect her from my husband's study! I was there when it happened.There was a great sense of peace and light as far as I remember.That was the end of our visitation.My husband still loses things but that's because he is extremely untidy!


I visited The Yorkshire Grey ( Langham Street W1 ) with a friend and work colllegue nearly every week day during lunch times We always used the same seats in the snug by the fire . He recently past away . I have recently visted this establishment again with another friend . We arrived just after noon and I saw a figure in dark leather jacket with a pint go into the snug . I was disappointed missing the choice of seats . After I received my drink . and walk into the snug . It was empty except for the depression on one end of the the leather bench . I lighted the situation saying Kev would have to buy his own from now on . I asked the staff later about the person the staff said we where the first customers.


45 years ago we lived in a new house overlooking the River Wear in Durham. I changed jobs and we moved to Coventry. One evening, we were entertaining a friend, when my wife told how she used to sometimes wake in our Durham bedroom and see ' a male figure, dressed in a long robe, gazing out of the curtained window towards the river'. She was somewhat taken aback when I said that I had had the same experience! I am a cynic, a sceptic etc., etc. , but cannot explain this happening. WE HAD NEVER MENTIONED THIS TO EACH OTHER, BEFORE WE LEFT DURHAM. The 'thing ' was not frightening and we both went back to sleep. Our house was newly built but in a very ancient area. Why the 'thing' chose to climb the stairs to look through curtains I just don't know. I still don't believe in Ghosts but I cannot explain this event.


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