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Routes of English

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The Routes of English - BBC Radio 4
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humour and cussingSeries 1Series 2Series 3
Coining It Coining It                                                    Aug 17 2000
When a new concept or product comes along, how does it get its name?
Language at Play Language at Play                                       Aug 24 2000
Melvyn has fun and games with puns, wordplay and tongue twisters.
A Better Class of Language
A Better Class of Language                        Aug 31 2000
'By your vowels, your station shall be known'. How accents and social class are entwined.
Unspeakable English Unspeakable English                                 Sep 7 2000
Bad language is no new thing. Some swear words originated centuries ago!
Freezing the River Freezing the River                                    Sep 14 2000
English is constantly evolving but some linguists have tried to 'freeze' it for all time.
A World of Many Eighties
A World of Many Englishes                       Sep 21 2000
'Two countries separated by a common language', but there're more than two Englishes
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Behind the Scenes
With series producers, Simon Elmes and Tony Phillips.
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