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Routes of English

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The Routes of English - BBC Radio 4
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evolving EnglishSeries 1Series 2Series 3
Home Home                                                    Jul 6 2000
Melvyn Bragg returns to Cumbria and finds that the old ways of speaking are being lost.
The Dawn of English The Dawn of English                             Jul 13 2000
English takes on Latin! - eventually becoming the world language of instruction.
France and England France and England                             Jul 20 2000
Where better than Hastings to look at the impact of the French on the English language?
Tabard Inn to Canterbury Tabard Inn to Canterbury                     Jul 27 2000
The language of sex and death, as Chaucer and others capture English speech of the time.
The Power of English The Power of English...                        Aug 3 2000
...and the English of Power, as the language extends its influence from Court to Edinburgh.
Import/Export Import/Export                                       Aug 10 2000
Conquest, trade and immigration have woven dozens of languages into English.
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Behind the Scenes
With series producers, Simon Elmes and Tony Phillips.
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