Sarfraz Manzoor

Sarfraz Manzoor

Writer, journalist, documentary maker, and broadcaster, Sarfraz Manzoor has presented many documentaries for Radio 4 as well as contributing to programmes on cultural questions and chairing Saturday Review.

Born in a village outside Lahore in Pakistan, he came to Britain in 1974. He grew up in Luton where he attended comprehensive school and sixth form college before being seduced by the gritty charms of Manchester, where he studied economics and politics at the city's university.

After graduating he spent two years languishing in soul-destroying office work, where he managed to get himself sacked on an impressively regular basis, before finally washing up in London as an ITN news trainee.

He joined Channel 4 News and spent six years producing and reporting before being lured into Channel 4 as a Deputy Commissioning Editor.

Sarfraz's Radio 4 documentaries have covered subjects from Bruce Springsteen, George Harrison and Little Richard to Mohammed Ali Jinnah, urban planning, cricket and matrimonial websites. He has also directed television documentaries for Channel 4 and is a regular panelist on Newsnight Review on BBC2.

Sarfraz writes regularly for the Guardian and the Observer and his memoir Greetings from Bury Park was published in 2007.

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