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In Business
Thursday 8.30-9.00pm,
Sunday 9.30-10.00pm (rpt)
Previous programmes
2002 - 2009
Peter Day
Peter Day examines trends and developments in industry and the world of work. 
Winter 2008/ 09

Prophet Motive: Peter Day asks whether the ideas of the Puritans, the Romantics or of Islamic finance provide a new way to approach today's financial crises.

The Remarkable Mr China: Peter Day talks to Irish businessman Liam Casey from his base in Shenzen, near Hong Kong.

Down Japan: Peter Day asks what the rest of the world can learn from the Japanese experience of recession in the 1990s.

Now That The Party’s Over: Peter Day wonders what shape the economy will be in when the current upheaval is over and the dust clears.

Cracked China: Peter Day reports on the global strains in the world's most vibrant economy.

Free For All: Peter Day hears from two advocates of business models that turn conventional wisdom on its head.

Changing Places: In an interconnected world, why does it matter where we live and work? Peter Day finds out.

All That Jazz: Peter Day discovers how jazz improvisation can help companies learn how to innovate.

How to go bust: Peter Day asks if there is a right or wrong way to tackle this intractable business problem.

Autumn 2008

Whistling in the Dark: What happens when co-workers blow the whistle on what appear to be dirty dealings by companies and organisations?

The credit crunch: in a live  discussion Peter Day asks a panel of seasoned experts, what happens next?

Forty Percent Female: Peter Day wonders whether Norway's new equality law will encourage others to follow.

Brand Wagon: Peter Day asks what the business of branding all about.

Casino Capitalism: Peter Day asks what can financiers learn about risk management from the casinos.

Down on the farm: Peter Day asks what kind of business agriculture is.

Bring on the bandwidth: Peter Day asks whether the internet can cope with the increasing demands put upon it.

Biotech battle: Peter Day reports on the latest development in medicines.

Spring 2008

India’s Supermarket Sweep Peter Day travels from Delhi to Mumbai to look at India's retail market.

Happy Go Lucky: Peter Day goes in search of happiness at work. Is this something companies can create, and does it make business sense to try?

On the Rack: Peter Day finds out how retailers are dealing with the issue of child labour.

Mr Bottom Line: Peter Day hears from Sir David Tweedie, chairman of the International Accounting Standards Board, about the quest to keep global capitalism honest.

Hot Stuff: Peter Day hears from the start ups tackling global warming.

What’s In Store?: Peter Day looks at the history of retail

Survivors: Peter Day hears how maverick manufacturing companies plan to go on surviving against the odds.

Adventure Capitalist: Peter Day talks to Welsh-born Michael Moritz, of Sequoia Capital, one of the venture capital stars of Silicon Valley, USA.

Big Spenders: Peter Day talks to the new Russian middle class.

Winter 2007

Team Spirit: Peter Day looks at Team Spirit.

Lean Manufacturing: Peter Day looks at Lean Manufacturing.

Monopoly Money: Peter Day talks to Neelie Kroes, European Competition Commissioner.

All Join InPeter Day finds out how businesses need to respond to social networks such as Facebook and Bebo.

Hello Sunshine!: Peter Day looks at the sustainable renewable energy industry.

How to Be Top: Peter Day looks at what it takes to be a great leader.

Men in White - Part 2

Men in White: Peter Day asks if giant corporate research laboratories outlived their usefulness?

Autumn 2007

Railway Revival: Peter Day considers the great railway revival.

Eureka Democracy Peter Day considers if innovation is best left to companies.

No Strings: Peter Day hears how art and money can sometimes make beautiful music together.

Crafts: Peter Day takes a look at how neglected skills are undermining the way businesses perform.

Forever blowing bubbles: Peter Day takes a look at why market bubbles occur.

Back on the Map: Peter Day reports from Kazakhstan.

Computers Chipped: Peter Day asks if Moore's law has set a trap for the industry at the heart of the way the computer business works.

Beyond the boom: Peter Day travels to York and reports on the booming British economy.
Summer 2007

Car Industry: Peter Day reports on the troubles with the modern car industry.

Research party: Peter Day looks at US industry's 'secret sauce'.

Caught in the web: In Business looks at the free software movement and asks whether it makes sense to use programmes on the internet instead.

The Well-being business: Pater Day hears how well-being is becoming a big individual and corporate concern.

The Eden Project: Meet Tim Smit the man who inspired the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Music Machine: Peter Day hears about the computer programmes that record companies are using to try to predict which songs will be hits.

Australian Energy: Peter Day talks to those who are finding ways to reduce Australia's impact on the environment without losing out economically.

Generation Next: Peter Day hears about Generation Next, the new consumers with ideas of their own.

Over the Moon: Peter Day asks if space travel is really rocket science.

Spring 2007

Walk to wisdom - IMM management school Professor Anil Gupta takes us on a journey of knowledge discovery through village India.

Private grief - Looming trouble for private equity groups.

Is Water the New Oil? - It might be the new economic battleground.

Alternative Energy - The green entrepreneurs who are finding new ways to fuel the energy requirements of tomorrow.

Not just for profit - How social enterprise may well change the face (and aims) of mainstream business

New dragon rising - The economic rise of communist Vietnam.

New Wave computing - Open-source software and mash-up websites are altering the face of computing, again.

From the production line to the NHS - Can Toyota’s Lean management principles get results in the NHS?

Autumn 2006

On the hedge - Hedge funds – what they are and what they're doing to the financial world.

Credit worthy - Muhammad Yunus, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, reviews the 30 years of the Grameen bank in Bangladesh and the growing phenomenon of micro-credit.

Big Ideas - Technology Guru Nathan Myhrvold is building a venture capital firm based on intellectual property. But there are fears that his organization, Intellectual Ventures, may stifle innovation.

French with tears - Does French business need a dose of Anglo-Saxon free enterprise?

Town and Country - In Melton Mowbray and Berwick-upon-Tweed, Peter Day looks at how the Commission for Rural Communities could help country towns.

Plug-in Cars - Tesla Motors has designed an electric car with sports car performance. Can it change 80 years of petrol dominance ?

Passport to Europe - As Bulgaria and Romania prepare to enter the European Union, Peter Day finds out if they're really ready.

Age Rage - How changes in employment law will affect everyone as they reach their seventh decade.

Summer 2006

Plane Truth - Another look at the long-running battle between Airbus and Boeing.

Hive of Innovation - Professors Anil Gupta of the Honey Bee network and Neil Gershenfeld of MIT outline their vision of a world where rich and poor can get their hands on hi-tech tools to make innovative things.

Tangled Web - Is so-called Web 2.0 technology the future of the Internet?

Science and Civilisation - A view of the high tech future from the British-born founder of the James Martin Institute for Science and Civilisation at Oxford University.

The Silent Plane - A pilot big idea from the joint venture between MIT in Cambridge Mass. and Cambridge University, UK.

Egypt - The conflict between a modernising government and Islamic fundamentalism in Egypt's quest to build a new economy.

Euro Everything - How Europe is attempting to compete with America on technological grounds, with the Galileo satellite guidance system and a European search engine called Quaero.

Opportunity Knocks - What do the new wave of immigrants find attractive about Britain, and what do they want to achieve whilst they're here?

Not Very Productive - Despite an economy that's doing relatively well, Britain still lags behind its rivals in productivity. Why ?

Spring 2006
Bright Young Things -
Five very young British entrepreneurs explain how (and why) they are creating thriving businesses.

Pain in the Neck - Absence in the workplace: who's sick - the worker or the organisation?

Why Chile Works -The Chilean model of a government-backed free market is seen by many as an economic miracle. Is it as successful as it seems?

Green Machine - Big companies are waking up to the environmental concerns of their customers. And an interview with Al Gore.

There's Oil in Them Thar Sands - How Canadian oil trapped in sand is prompting the last great oil rush in Alberta.

Down With Hierachies - Can Gerard Fairtlough's revolutionary management ideas change the world of business?

Reshaping the World - In the second of two programs exploring the future of the world economy, Peter Day asks whether Brazil, Russia, India and China are the future of global business.

Nuts About Brazil - For the last hundred years, Brazil has seemed poised to rise the global economic top table. Will it ever happen ? 
Autumn 2005

Engineering Success - Engineers are beginning to reclaim their place at the heart of the economic process.

Foreign Retailers - How store chains from abroad are trying to change the way we think about grocery shopping.

Eco-cars - Producing eco-friendly transport is no easy ride, as Lon Bell, Californian inventor of the G-Wiz electric car, explains. Peter Day tries it out in London.

Professor Profit- Do universities know how to make money from their academic resources?

Working from home - How internet networks are transforming the ways in which freelancers operate.

Leadership - Two very different American leaders talk : The Chairmen of General Electric Jeff Immelt and serial entrepreneur Wayne Huizinga.

Testing - Can psychometric testing really improve corporate efficiency?

Risk Management - Telling companies how to avoid personal risk is big business. Peter Day explores a growing industry.

Infomercials - A look at the strange world of infomercials, with industry luminaries such as “Body by Jake” Jake Steinfeld, and Geordie pitchman John Parkin.

Summer 2005

Do It Like Deming - How the legacy of the late W Edwards Deming has inspired a new generation of businessmen.

Medicine Man - Jean-Pierre Garnier, chief executive of GlaxoSmithKline talks about the big changes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Back to School - Can Young Enterprise schemes turn British school leavers into entrepreneurs?

Africa Calling - Peter Day reports from Kenya and Ghana on how technological change is improving lives.

Look, No Wires! - How a wireless world is redefining the IT landscape.

Tall Storeys - Massive demand for skyscrapers is altering both cities and architectural principles. Peter Day investigates.

Cash for Ideas - Can cash prizes encourage creative solutions for the world's problems?

Spain's Growing Pains - After years of turmoil the Spanish economy is booming. Whether such success can be sustained is another matter.

Radio Me - Has Podcasting changed the nature of radio? Will this new-found aural freedom make or break the medium? Threats a bit close to home for Peter Day.

Spring 2005

All Change - Founder of Excite At Home Joe Kraus and advertising executive Kevin Roberts of Saatchi and Saatchi talk about learning from the past, and building a new sort of business future.

My Old China - Antiquated industrialization in China is about to be dragged into the technological age.

Strictly Private - The 'New Kings of Capitalism', private investors with enormous resources, demonstrate the power of private equity.

Framed - London's place in the global art market.

Body Talk - Communication is more than verbal, especially in the world of business. How to make body language work for you.

Patents Make Perfect - Our antiquated Patent system may not be able to cope with the digital age.

Heartbeat Economy - In order to prosper in an ever-more picky market place, companies will have radically to change the way they work.

Small Change - David Bussau, founder of micro-lender Opportunity International, explains how tiny loans can save the world.

Smoke Gets in your Eyes  - Inside the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: Can market forces really save the planet?

Dogfight - The battle in the skies between Airbus and Boeing, each with a very different strategy on how to win the commercial air-race.

Dubai or not Dubai- How Dubai might succeed in becoming the centre of tourism and business in the Middle East despite its lack of oil.

Ms Boss - Peter Day investigates Norway's new law to get women on company boards, as similar legislation is considered for Britain.

Connections - A once-wired world is losing its wires. What does this mean for consumers?

What's in a Name? - The rise and rise of job title inflation.

Keep on Working -  How pension problems may force people to work past their retirement age.

Jobs on the Line - Volkswagen's revolutionary production line employs only people who were previously unemployed. Will it save the German car industry ?

Summer 2004

French Wine - How France is struggling to maintain its position as the preeminent wine-making country in the world in the face of uo to date global competition.

Crossroads - Can British Motor Racing survive?

Mind Your Language - How to fight 'management speak'.

China's building boom - Over half of all global concrete poured last year went to build China's blooming skyline. How is this race to construct affecting the country?

E-Bay watch - The Internet business that created hundreds of thousands of small businesses by putting a price on everything.

Corporate greed and corruption - A return to the St Gallen Symposium, a miniature Davos run by students, to investigate corporate greed and corruption with the Enron whistle-blower, Sherron Watkins

Digital Treatment - Can the huge project to digitize over 50 million patient records for the NHS at a cost of £6 Billion ever be a success? Don’t government IT projects almost always fail ?

Running towards empty - Have oil supplies peaked ?

Spring 2004

Baltic Frontier - Are three Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, ready to join the EU ?

Junk shopped - Spam and unsolicited phone calls are undermining the technology they exploit.

Local Heroes - From north Yorkshire, local businesses who are struggling to survive in a globalising world : in Swaledale, Hawes and Harrogate.

Life coaching - The pros and cons of of 'life coaching'.

Fast Boat to China - What’s behind the huge rise in demand for shipping? Why does it matter to ordinary westerners ?

The fiction business  - Why fiction shuns the working world and why it matters. Includes David Lodge on”Nice Work”.
September - October 2003

Fixing Germany - How to unify an economically divided country.

Not Made in Britain - Emerging markets have hit native production harder than ever. What future for British manufacturing?

Colour - In a colourful world, businesses have to keep up with the trend.

Odd jobs - Are university graduates equipped with the right skills for business?

Beyond the Bar code - A “phone number” for every thing in the world : Radio Frequyency Identification systems (RFID) may change the way business works.

Million Dollar Jet - Vern Raeburn is attempting to produce a jet which will cost less than a million dollars. Can he succeed?

New Russia - Twelve years after the fall of Communism business life in Russia is very different.

Where Are We Now?  - An autumn analysis of the economic outlook, and the future for business.

May - July 2003

Digital Radio - The future for radio in a digital age.

Corruption - Peter Day asks seven experts on corruption experts what can be done to clean up big business.

Fixing Capitalism - Shoshana Zuboff, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, and James Maxmin, former head of Laura Ashley and Volvo UK, tell Peter Day how to create a new sort of business structure for the 21st century.

Growing Pains - Small businesses are risky businesses. The difficulties encountered by ambitious start-ups.

Business Gossip - What happens when gossip becomes profitable?

Business Studies - Big (and not so big) ideas from the St Gallen Symposium, a miniature Davos run by students.

Leadership - Past Masters – Modern managers learn lessons from history and literature.

Turkey - Big ambitions, lots to do: inside Turkish business.

The Uncertainty Principle  - What did September 11th 2002 do to the global business outlook ?

January - February 2003

A matter of taste - What’s influencing the people who make our food?

The Battle for Hastings - How does a seaside town revive itself?

Marvin Bower - The only broadcast interview with the "inventor" of management consulting, Marvin Bower of McKinsey.

Porn Again - High tech and the adult entertainment industry.

Cry for Argentina - The economic collapse of a proud but fragile country.

Poverty Profits - How to serve the world's poor, profitably.

Picture Perfect (Audio Only)  - An encounter with Thomas Kinkaid, the richest artist in the world.
August - October 2002

Managing Consulting - Who advises the advisers to big business?

Risky Business - Risk and reward in the insurance industry.

Net Profit - A look at the future of Internet business after the bursting of the dot com bubble.

Power Failure - What's gone wrong with the electricity industry?

Fly Move? - The battle in the air between no-frills flyers and established airlines.

Silicon Fenomenon - How is Cambridge, long recognised as a centre for academic excellence, cashing in on its ideas?

Business Angels - Innovative business start-ups benefit from investors willing to take big risks on them.

Disruptive Innovation  - Creativity in the face of big business, or how to invent the future.

Zero Inflation  – The new economic era that business may find it hard to cope with.

May - June 2002

Entrepreneurs  - YBEs : The breathtaking rise of some fearless Young British Entrepreneurs, including those behind Innocent Smoothies and FreshMinds.

China - Reshaping a New Economy – How China's entry into the World Trade Organisation will make or break its industrial development.

In the Boardroom  - Corporate Responsibility – The role of the non-executive director when things go wrong.

The British Economy  - Does Britain's booming economy owe more to Government planning or consumer spending?

Twins in Business  - The plusses and minuses of keeping companies in the family. Would you want to work for a company run by twins ?

Inside Google  – Public Service or Big Business? A report from the Googleplex, including an interview with the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
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