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Radio 4's weekly obituary programme, telling the life stories of those who have died recently

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Sean Hughes

Last Word spoke to comedian Rhona Cameron, and comedy critic Bruce Dessau.

Born 10 November 1965; died 16 October 2017, aged 51.

Sir Brian Barder

Last Word spoke to his son Owen Barder, and journalist Jonathan Steele.

Born 20 June 1934; died 19 September 2017, aged 83.

David Marks

Last Word spoke to his wife and business partner Julia Barfield.

Born 15 December 1952; died 6 October 2017, aged 64.

Major Khush Ahmad-ul-Mulk

Last Word spoke to his grandson Asad Ul Mulk.

Born 15 August 1920; died 2 June 2017, aged 96.

Marge Calhoun

Last Word spoke to professional surfer Terry Eselun.

Born 20 March 1926; died 2 September 2017, aged 91.