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Radio 4's Uncovering Iran Season

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A season of programmes aimed at challenging some of the perceptions still held about this intriguing country.

Montage of Iran flag and Ayotollah Khomeini and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iran: a Revolutionary State 3rd of 3
Sun 1 Oct, 1.30pm
Sir John Tusa takes a close look at the making of modern Iran and at the paradox at the heart of the nation.

Map of Iran
The Country and its People
Listen again to ten short recordings reflecting on various aspects of Iran.

John Tusa
Sir John Tusa on Uncovering Iran
 Listen to John Tusa give his own personal insight into Radio 4's Uncovering Iran season.

All the programmes in the season are listed below.

Today programme motif
Saturday 16 Sept, 7.00-900am
How US sanctions are affecting Iranian airline safety and John Tusa talks about the Iran: a Revolutionary State series.

Book of the Week - Iran Awakening
Mon - Fri 9.45am 18-22 Sept
Souad Faress reads the biography of Shirin Ebadi the Nobel Prize winning human rights lawyer

Persian sculpture of Darius
Darius The Great and The End Of History Monday 18 Sept, 8.00pm.
Tom Holland tells the story of how Darius seized the Persian throne and founded an Empire.
View British Museum gallery

John Simpson
Iran and her Neighbours
Wednesday, 20 Sept 11.00am
John Simpson considers Iran's regional role and asks how the Islamic Republic is perceived by her neighbours.

theatre masks
The Afternoon Play - The Interview
Wednesday, 20 Sept 2.15pm
A modern morality tale from Iran.

>Comedy motifs
From Tehran with Laughter
Saturday 23 Sept, 10.30am
Comedian Omid Djalili explores the rich vein of comedy both inside and outside Iran.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Profile - Ahmadinejad
Saturday, 23 Sept 7.00pm, rpt Sunday 5.40pm
A look at the career of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was elected Iran's president in 2005.

The shrine at Meshed
Sunday 24 Sept, 7.00am
How Ahmadinejad's strong belief in the return of the Madhi is shaping his government's policies.

Food Programme
Sunday 24 Sept, 12.30pm (rpt Monday 25th 4.00pm)
Iranian food - from rich, aromatic spices to philosophy.

Afternoon Readings - Telling Stories
Mon-Fri 25-29 Sept, 3.30pm
Four short stories by Iranian writers offering insights into life in Iran.

Images of a Muslim shrine and a Zoroastrian motif
Beyond Belief
Monday 25 Sept, 4.30pm
The development of Islam in Iran and its relationship with other religions, such as Zoroastrianism.

Montage of the flags of Iran and USA
Mixed Messages and Secret Diplomacy
Monday 25 Sept, 8.00pm
Gordon Corera looks at the tangled relationship between Iran and the United States since 9/11.

Ancient Persian stone relief
Ancient and Modern
Wednesday 27 Sept, 11.00am
Neil Macgregor, Director of the British Museum, investigates Iran's archaeological and cultural past.
View British Museum gallery

>Francine Stock
Film Programme
Friday 29 Sept, 4.30pm
Francine Stock goes behind the scenes of the highly respected Iranian film industry.
Radio Trails
Listen to some of the on-air Radio 4 promotions for the Uncovering Iran season

 Listen to: Iran and her Neighbours

 Listen to: From Tehran with Laughter

 Listen to: Iran Ancient and Modern
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