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John Duffin
John Duffin " is a cheap date who never lets you down... ...doesn't talk back and most importantly never comments on my pictures."

As an artist who works long and irregular hours in the studio I have found Radio 4 to be a beacon of light. It reminds me that there is still a world out there and that there are people living in it, doing normal things that don't involve being in a messy room with only my own mad thoughts and imagination for company.

Radio 4 works as a companion who doesn't demand from you, doesn't want telling they are still funny, attractive or insightful. Radio 4 doesn't want taking to the theatre, to the cinema, doesn't moan that we haven't eaten out in months or ask "Where is our relationship going?"

Radio 4 doesn't want to move house, buy a new car or plan a holiday in Italy this summer. Radio 4 has never complained about redecorating the front room, extending the kitchen, insulating the loft or the state of the garden. Never has Radio 4 been jealous of my liaisons with other stations, my promiscuity with younger stations is tolerated in the safe knowledge that I will be back once I have got bored with their shallowness.

In short, I think I like Radio 4 because it is a cheap date who never lets you down, never leaves your side, keeps quiet when turned off, doesn't talk back and most importantly never comments on my pictures.
Having spent almost equal lengths of time in a small northern town and in London, John Duffin's work speaks of his experiences of both places, and of the struggle of man against an often domineering urban environment. He is influenced by cinema and comic books, and his works posess a noirish quality reflected in the harsh shadow, lamplight and imposing architecture which seem to overwhelm the recurring figures.
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