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3 Oct 2014
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The Wedge House

Alan Jones visits Peter and Judy McBride on the island of Great Cumbrae to find out what it's like to live in Britain's narrowest house.

The Wedge - Britain's Narrowest House
Peter McBride visited Millport, on the picturesque island of Great Cumbrae, as a child. He took Judy to Millport when they were courting, and it was then, some 29 years ago, that they first saw The Wedge. Even when she first saw the house, literally 'wedged' between two shops, Judy felt that someday they were going to be involved with it, and it sat in the back of her mind for many years. "It just felt like something I would like to own".

Having got married, lived in Essex and had two children, Peter and Judy heard that The Wedge was on the market. They egged each other on to buy it, becoming more and more keen, and Judy now feels they were 'fated' to be in the house. "We've had a sad few years - we've lost a lot of our older relatives - mothers and fathers - but this came up just when we needed something to lift everybody and make everybody feel happier". Peter sprinkles his parents' ashes over the island they loved so much.

The Wedge - Front View
The house itself is pretty much two wedge-shaped rooms with a bathroom.Alan describes it as "like an expressionist movie with strange angles everywhere". Storage and space are at a premium. "When you're buying your furniture you have to think in terms of everything doing at least one thing, but possibly three."

Judy realises that they won't be able to fit all their friends and family into the house at the same time, but hopes that all the people they love will use The Wedge for their holidays and get lots of pleasure out of it: "That's what we want it for". Peter and Judy themselves think they might spend quite long periods of time there after they've retired…

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