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3 Oct 2014
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Teacher Crush

Home Truths listeners tell us about their schoolroom crushes...

What the girls said...

"My English teacher was brilliant. We did lots of lovely poetry and I think all the girls adored her although we'd never say to each other. I was totally devastated when I found out she was pregnant and my marks went down the pan. She used to be very worried about what was happening to me which was exactly what I wanted..."

"If you have a crush on a woman it's unsettling because you think 'what is this all about ... is this sexual, is this just admiration .. where do you draw the line."

"If you're going to have a crush on a teacher, it tends to be somebody who's teaching something a bit 'touchy feely' or else the games master or mistress - something very physical and active."

"There was a girl in my class who had this feeling for the science teacher. The highest expression of her feelings towards him was when she threw herself down some stairs. A couple of us had to stand at the bottom of the stairs and give her the nod and the wink when the teacher was coming. She threw herself down in the hope that if she broke her leg, he would be the one who would pick her up and take her to hospital, you know ... it wasn't a giggle type thing .. she really, really loved him."

What the boys said...

"It's embarrassing when you fancy a teacher and everyone else says 'oh she's rough!' and you just say 'Oh I was only joking', but really you do."

"You just keep it to yourself, I mean all the other blokes would laugh at you if you went round saying 'I fancy my teacher'."

"I had a crush. I felt ashamed about it. I thought, I'm only ten - they're like 20 years older than me ..."

And the teachers ...

"Well I was completely unaware of any situation until my head of department called me into his office and said that you do realise that this young man has the hots for you. I thought he was joking, but after that it was keep the doors open ..."

"You never talk to a girl after school in the classroom. You make sure you're never in a situation where anybody can say there was any doubt of anything going on."

Who have you had a crush on?
What did it feel like ?
Did the person ever find out - what happened?

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