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3 Oct 2014
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A Life's Work...

92 year old Lavender Dower, expert in the alternative healing therapy of radionics, has found the right person to take over her life's work ...

50 years ago, Lavender became interested in radionics, an alternative healing therapy whereby energy sources - be they human or animal (in Lavender's case, horses) are pinpointed to find out what's wrong with a patient. The patient is then treated, at long distance by means of a black box. In recent years she has been looking for the right person to take over her business as one of the world's leading practitioners in equine radionics. She has found it extremely difficult, but after a couple of failures, she's found the person in Alison, whose horses she has been treating for many years.

Alison explains, "I was looking for an alternative, so I came to see Lavender and asked her train me. The minute I started it was going to be my work for the rest of my life it was where I had to focus and what I had to do. It was my mission. It is huge burden because I am taking over Lavender's life's work of 50 years"

Lavender and Alison discuss everything together, especially how Alison will run the business when she moves to Cornwall in July. The safe handover of her life's work is a great relief to Lavender. Realising that passing on the business would leave a gap in her life, Lavender now plans to write about her experiences in radionics.

At 92, Lavender is unafraid of the thought of death, "I'm looking forward to it with some alacrity. I want to go over in working order ... In 1998 Lavender believed she was going to die. Her cat had become ill, and a radionics vet who treated the cat told Lavender that it was because she herself was going to die - her cat did not want to live with out her. Lavender's response was calm, " I said that's fine by me, when's it going to take place.? I was told August or September at the latest. I'd made all my plans. I'd given away a lot of my clothes. Lo and behold! I'm still here, and my cat's still here. She got her dates all wrong!"


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