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3 Oct 2014
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Mussolini with nose intact at Ciampino, 1926
Mussolini with nose intact at Ciampino, 1926
Mussolini with nose plaster at Ciampino airport, 1926
Mussolini with nose plaster at Ciampino airport, 1926
Ugo Belli, photographer
Ugo Belli, Eddie's grandfather was a photographer and took the pictures of Mussolini - both before and after the nose incident

Mussolini's Nose Pt 2

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Last week we had the extraordinary story of Great Aunt Violet - the slightly un-hinged English woman who shot Il Duce through the nose back in 1926. 

This week we have the photographs of Mussolini before and after the nose-shooting-incident, courtesy of Edward Allison who emailed to say his maternal grandfather, Ugo Belli, a photographer, had been present on this occasion. He'd captured the leader's nose on celluloid, and the pictures were in the attic at his parent's house, Marisa and Charlie. 

Marisa and Charlie came into the studio to talk about the nose shooting incident and why her father wasn't keen on her marrying Charlie...

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