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3 Oct 2014
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George and family
Left to right:  George, the twins Stephen and Mark, eldest son Daniel and George's wife, Kitty

Voice change

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George Reynolds has an improbably named yet medically authenticated condition known as Foreign Language Syndrome.

Before suffering a mild stroke, George, an Essex careworker, spoke standard Estuary English like the rest of his family. 

But after recovering his power of speech George found his voice had changed - quite involuntarily - beyond all recognition.  Gone was his Estuary English and in its place was an Italian accent.

George talks to Tom about how he's coped with the change to such an integral part of his personality.

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If you've had a similar experience to George, the Clinical Neurology Research Department at Oxford University would be interested to hear from you. 

Contact Dr Jennifer Gurd via their website:

Health - Stroke
Stroke Association
Foreign Accent Syndrome
Wikipedia - Foreign Accent Syndrome

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