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26 Jul 2014
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Nigel's bottom half modelled the first advert for his mum's invention - the disposable nappy
Nigel's infant lower half modelled his mother's invention - the disposable nappy

Nappy days

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Last week Moo Morris-Jones told the story of how she came up with the idea of disposable nappies while holed up with her baby son in a small Cornish village. Was she the inventor, we wondered?

This week, Nigel, the son of the true inventor phoned us to put us right. It was his mother, Valerie Hunter Gordon, who had invented the first disposable nappy - the Paddi Pad. 

Valerie and her husband Patrick, a Lieutenant Colonel with the Royal Engineers, were the proud parents of six children. Child number three, Nigel, was born in 1947. He had a starring role in his mother's invention which began to be marketed in earnest in the late 1940s. His infant lower half (see the picture) modelled the nappy in the first newspaper advert. 

Valerie, now aged 83, and Nigel, talk to David about the invention no parent would be without.

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