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3 Oct 2014
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The Gaul Tragedy

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The remains of a fisherman are to be buried almost 30 years after he died in a controversial maritime disaster

Image: the Gaul trawler
The Gaul, at the time one of the newest & biggest vessels in the Hull fishing fleet

Image:Peggy Thompson with son David Collier with photo of Stan Collier
Peggy Collier (now Thompson) and youngest son David holding a photo of husband/father Stan Collier.

In 1974 the trawler Gaul sank with all 36 hands in the bitter waters north of Norway. Mystery surrounded the sinking, and there were rumours...the trawler was spying...a Soviet sub had sunk her...there was an offical cover up...

All very distressing for the family of Stan Collier who went down with the Gaul, leaving behind a wife Peggy, and four sons, Ken, David, Michael and Andrew.

Six years ago the wreck of the Gaul was found and this discovery led the Gaul families to discuss what should be done with any bodies still on board - should they be left there in a sea grave or should the men be brought home?

The Colliers were split. Ken wanting to inter his father's remains ashore - while Peggy and his brothers wished them to be left on board the Gaul.

It came to a head last year when fragmentary remains were found. DNA testing showed that a skull retrieved was that of Stan Collier...

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