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3 Oct 2014
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Rat Rescue

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remember the song 'muskrat love'..well now we have 'rodent love'..just ask Stella and Jason Hulott

Stella and Jason Hulott in their backyard garden with a few of their "frisky friends"

About 4 years ago Stella and Jason Hulott set up a cavy rescue in their back garden (cavy by the way is the posh word for guinea pig). Word got around and they eventually ended up with over 30 of the rescued and unwanted pets. From there they evolved into also providing a refuge for unwanted rats - and while many a faint-hearted person may shiver at the very idea of sharing their home with two dozen rodents of the Rattus Norvegicus variety - Jason and Stella have found that their 'family' of rats have brought them closer together.

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