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Adventure Game Hints

How All the Points Are Scored
Illustrations by Nolan Worthington
This section should only be used as a last resort, or for your own interest after you've completed the game.

Action Points
Taking the buffered analgesic 10
Drinking or enjoying the beer (first time, as Arthur) 5
Drinking or enjoying the beer (second time, as Arthur) 5
Arriving at the Vogon Hold 8
Getting the babel fish in your ear 12
Enjoying the Vogon poetry 15
Opening the glass case in the Vogon Hold 25
Entering the Engine Room of the Heart of Gold 25
Getting the Nutrimat/Computer Interface 25
Drinking or enjoying the beer (as Ford) 15
Leaving the party with Phil 25
Stealing the Heart of Gold on Damogran 25
Taking the common sense particle 25
Drinking the tea 100
Entering Marvin's Pantry 25
Blooming the plant by entering the sauna 25
Getting Marvin to open the hatch 25

NOTE: You lose 30 points each for eating the cheese sandwich, drinking the Advanced Tea Substitute, or turning on the spare Drive while plugged into the large receptacle before the missile attack begins.

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