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Adventure Game Hints

For Your Amusement
Illustrations by Nolan Worthington
You shouldn't develop anything in this section until you've finished the game. Things in the section will invariably give away the answers to puzzles in the game.

Have you tried...

  • Looking under your bed?
  • Enjoying the mud while you're lying in front of the bulldozer?
  • To PHONE HOME from your bedroom?
  • Asking Prosser for the time?
  • To GET DRUNK in the pub?
  • Buying peanuts (as Arthur)?
  • Listening to the jukebox music (several times, then again when you're Ford)?
  • Petting or kicking the dog?
  • Feeding peanuts to the dog? (You can only do this as Ford, of course.)
  • Hitting Prosser (before and after your house is demolished)?
  • Enjoying your house after it's been demolished?
  • Asking PROSSER, WHAT ABOUT MY HOME after it's been demolished?
  • Giving the towel, the thing your aunt gave you, or the satchel to Prosser? (You can only do the last one when you're Ford, of course.)
  • Talking to Prosser after the Vogon fleet has arrived?
  • Eating the cheese sandwich when you're Ford?
  • Going straight to the Pub when you're Ford, instead of giving Arthur the towel, and then waiting a few turns?
  • Yelling in the Dark?
  • Waiting about 60 turns in Dark to see the hints you get?
  • Not eating the peanuts in the Vogon Hold?
  • Drinking the Santraginean Mineral Water?
  • Asking FORD, WHAT ABOUT THE EARTH once it's been destroyed?
  • Enjoying the Vogon poetry without the babel fish?
  • Opening the hatch in the Heart of Gold before landing on Magrathea?
  • Kicking the screening door, then entering Marvin's Pantry?
  • Closing the screening door once you've opened it?
  • Reading the tiny message on the circuit board with the magnifying glass?
  • Smashing the circuit board?
  • Turning on the spare Drive, plugged into the control panel, before the missile attack begins?
  • Turning on the spare Drive during the missile attack, without first plugging it into the control panel?
  • Asking Eddie to open the hatch after the ship has landed?
  • Not going to the Access Space after asking Marvin to fix the hatch?
  • Saying something other than your name when the Beast asks for it?
  • Saying your name with the towel over your eyes?
  • Carving one of the names suggested by the previous item?
  • Carving the Beast's name on the memorial?
  • Reading the memorial (both before and after carving your name)?
  • Showing the thing your aunt gave you to the Beast?
  • Waking the sleeping Beast?
  • Drinking the wine at the party?
  • Eating one of the hors d'oeuvres? (Try several times.)
  • Throwing the glass of wine or the plate of hors d'oeuvres?
  • To PICK UP ARTHUR or PICK UP PHIL at the party?
  • Jumping into the water from the Presidential Speedboat?
  • Throwing something into the water from the boat?
  • Shooting the crowd, the guards, Trillian, yourself, the toolbox...
  • Ordering GUARDS, SHOOT both before and after they've dropped their photon rifles?
  • Examining the approaching star system and the third planet from the War Chamber of the battle fleet?
  • Talking to the Vl'Hurg leader or G'Gugvunt leader?
  • Dropping something in the Maze (your brain) and then walking around once you've gotten out?
  • Talking to the bulldozer driver, the Vogon Captain, or the hostess?
  • Closing the thing your aunt gave you?
  • Wrapping the towel around your head anywhere except Traal?
  • Typing I AM ARTHUR DENT to the game (as opposed to while talking to a character in the game)?
  • Typing PANIC? How about DON'T PANIC?
  • Pushing the red button on the Thumb when an Engineer robot is already present?
  • Counting the hors d'oeuvres, the crowd at the Dais, or the guards (at various points)?
  • Typing DON'T LOOK or DON'T WAIT or DON'T (anything else)?
  • Examining the bulldozer, the Vogon fleet, the flowerpot, the mechanism in the Access Space, or various tools?
  • Brushing your teeth with the toothbrush?
  • Typing ESCAPE at any point?
  • Filling anything?
  • Returning to various scenes after you've successfully completed them? (Examples: returning to Damogran after stealing the Heart of Gold, returning to Traal after getting the Interface...)
  • Typing APPLAUD at any point (other than during the poetry reading)?
  • Answering the game's various rhetorical questions, such as "Did you have a particular direction in mind?" or "Don't you think it would be a bad idea to leave the ceremonies?", by typing YES or NO?
  • Typing APPRECIATE [something]?
  • Asking various characters about the object of the game? (Especially Prosser, Ford, Marvin, Eddie, the Nutrimat, the screening door, and the Beast.)

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