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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle


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This Sceptred Isle

The 1688 Revolution
By 1688 the country was disillusioned with the King and once again faced civil war. The King had a large, well-equipped, regular army with a powerful artillery and the best Navy afloat. The opposition, led by the Earl of Danby, conspired to bring Prince William of Orange from the Netherlands to fight their cause.

In April 1688 James issued a second Declaration of Indulgence and ordered it should be read in all churches on 18th May. Seven bishops, headed by the venerable William Sancroft, refused. James demanded they should be tried for seditious libel. Even Judge Jeffreys thought this unwise. The bishops were sent to the Tower.

On 10th June the Queen, Mary of Modena, gave birth to a son. The Catholic line would be continued. It is at this point that the opposition wrote to Prince WIlliam of Orange.

Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton
SIR ISAAC NEWTON (1642-1727)

  • Scientist and politician
  • Left school to work on the family farm and later became a student and then don at Cambridge
  • Researched gravity, light and the construction of the telescope
  • Was guarded about his religious beliefs gaining a dispensation to hold a Cambridge professorship without being in Holy Orders
  • Became Lucasian professor of mathematics in 1669 (a chair that exists still)
  • Was MP for Cambridge, Master of the Royal Mint and President of the Royal Society
  • In 1705 was knighted by Queen Anne
  • His tomb is in Westminster Abbey

did you know?
James II's son would be known as the Old Pretender. His son would be Bonny Prince Charlie.

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1658Oliver Cromwell dies
1660Charles II signs the Declaration of Breda
Charles II is restored to the throne
1662Charles II marries Catherine of Braganza
1665The Great Plague
1666The Fire of London
1672Charles II issues the Declaration of Indulgence
1677Princess Mary marries William of Orange
1685Charles II dies
James II becomes king of England
Monmouth Rebellion put down
1687James II dissolves Parliament
1688Seven bishops imprisoned
Birth of James's son
William of Orange lands in England
James flees abroad
1689William III and Mary II become king and queen of England

the Bishop of London
The letter was conveyed to the Hague by Admiral Herbert.

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