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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

Don Juan - Male Types Dandies
Don Juan - Male Types Dandies
The Lord Protector
Oliver Cromwell became Supreme Ruler of the State, Lord Protector. Parliament in The Humble Petition and Advice offered Cromwell the Crown, allowed him to name his successor and to choose his own council of rulers. Cromwell did not accept the Crown though there were many indications that he liked the idea.

Cromwell was willing to govern through Parliament but only if Parliament agreed with his beliefs. Parliament battled with Cromwell who time and time again threatened them with army. On 3rd September 1658 Oliver Cromwell died and his son, Richard, took over as Lord Protector. Within 18 months Charles II would return to the throne.


  • The son of Oliver Cromwell
  • Became Lord Protector on his father's death in 1658
  • His regime was stable at first but was undermined by financial chaos and confrontation between Government and army
  • The army forced him to dissolve Parliament in April 1659
  • Overthrown in May 1659
  • An amiable and hard-working man, he later lived quietly in retirement first in Paris, then in London and Hampshire

did you know?
Richard Cromwell's enemies called him Tumbledown Dick.

My Goods and Money at August 1658 (Will Blundell)

  • 9 horses: £37
  • 8 oxen and steers feeding: £40
  • 2 bulls: £8
  • 9 heifers: £30
  • 113 sheep and lambs: £26
  • malt: £6
  • groats and oat meal: £1.15s
  • bed frames, twenty five: £11
  • trunks, chests, boxes, desks and presses: £11
  • tables, chairs, forms and cupboards: £19
  • 1 lead cistern: £4
  • 16 featherbeds, sixteen: £48
  • 6 chaff beds: £1.4s
  • bolsters and pillows, blankets and coverings curtains, cushions: £51
  • linens for the housewife: £48
  • jewels, a watch and odd knacks: £9.15s
I have so far paid my debts that the value of my goods exceeds them by £64.14s not reckoning new corn and hay. But reckoning new corn and hay, I am worth £208.14s.4d.
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1625James I dies
Charles I becomes King of England
Charles I marries Henrietta Maria of France
1626Parliament meets, impeaches Buckingham, is dissolved by Charles I
1627Expedition to La Rochelle
1628Buckingham assassinated
1629Charles I dissolves Parliament - Eleven Year Tyranny begins
Peace is made with France
1630Peace is made with Spain
1633Laud becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
1639First Bishops' War ends - Treaty of Berwick
1640Parliament recalled - The Short Parliament
Second Bishops' War ends - Treaty of Ripon
Long Parliament meets (-1653)
Strafford is impeached
1645New Model Army is established
Laud is executed
Use of the prayer book is forbidden
1646Charles I surrenders to the Scots
Receives propositions of Newcastle
1647Scots hand Charles I over to the English
1649Charles I is tried and executed
The monarchy and the House of Lords are abolished
The Commonwealth is declared.
1658Oliver Cromwell dies
1660Charles II signs the Declaration of Breda
Charles II is restored to the throne
1662Charles II marries Catherine of Braganza

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