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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

Bloody Mary and the Burning of Cranmer
On Mary I's ascendancy the Catholics returned to power. Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester was released from the Tower and made Lord Chancellor. Mary I wanted reunion with Rome - 200 Protestants were burned at the stake including Thomas Cranmer.

Mary married Philip II of Spain - Elizabeth was imprisoned. The link with Spain led to war with France and eventually to the loss of Calais in 1558.

In 1555 Stephen Gardiner died, Cardinal Reginald Pole became Archbishop of Canterbury. The Queen, Philip of Spain and Pole became more and more unpopular.

Mary I
Mary I
MARY I (1516-1558)

  • Queen of England 1553-1558
  • The daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon
  • A staunch Catholic
  • Married Philip II of Spain and set about reuniting England with Rome by the gruesome burning at the stake of any Protestant
  • Lost Calais to the French in 1558
  • Died from stomach cancer

did you know?
Elizabeth rode by Mary's side as she entered London in August 1553 to claim the throne.

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Voices of the Powerless
1547Edward VI became King of England
1549First Book of Common Prayer issued
1553Edward VI dies
Lady Jane Grey declared Queen but overthrown
Mary I crowned Queen of England
1554Mary I marries Philip II of Spain
1556Cranmer burned at the stake
1558England loses Calais to France
Mary I dies
Elizabeth I becomes Queen of England

Thomas Cranmer
Hugh Latimer
Nicholas Ridley
John Hooper

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