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3 Oct 2014
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This Sceptred Isle

Henry V and his family (allegorically depicted)
Henry V and his family (allegorically depicted)
Henry IV, Hotspur and the Stake
Henry IV became King in 1399. He had two difficult conflicts to deal with, the first the disunity of the Church, the second the rebellion of the Percys.

The Church was being questioned by the Lollards, followers of John Wyclif. The King issued De Haeretico Comburendo making it legal to burn a convicted heretic at the stake. He declared it illegal to preach with license from the bishop of the diocese and to preach, teach or write a book contrary to the Catholic faith or the Holy Church. In 1401 the burnings began.

Henry's conflict with the Percys concerned Scotland and Wales and was to last on and off until 1408.

Henry suffered ill health from 1405 and eventually died in 1413.

HENRY IV (1366-1413)

  • King of England 1399-1413
  • Born at Bolingbroke
  • Married Mary de Bohun
  • In 1387, he became one of the Lord Appellants
  • Exiled in 1398 for his part in the execution of Richard II's favourite de Vere
  • Returned to claim his inheritance which Richard had confiscated on John of Gaunt's death
  • Deposed the King at Flint Castle in 1399
  • Parliament limited his finances which led to the Percy rebellion which the King controlled eventually
  • After 1405 he was reputed to be physically incapable of leading his troops
  • Died of his illnesses in 1413

did you know?
Parliament in the early 15th Century began to control England's finances. Parliament voted on taxes, approved their expenditure and required and received accounts from the high officers of the State.

John Wyclif is famous for translating the Bible into English.

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1377Richard II becomes King
1387Lord Appellants win victory
1398Henry Bolingbroke exiled
1399John Of Gaunt dies
Richard II confiscates Bolingbroke's inheritance
Henry of Lancaster (Bolingbroke) deposes Richard II
Henry IV becomes King of England
1400Richard II dies
1402Sir Henry Percy wins victory over Scots
1403Percys Revolt
Henry IV victorious at Shrewsbury
Sir Henry Percy killed
1405Henry IV crushes Scrope's rebellion
1406James I, King of Scotland
1408End of Percys Revolt
1413Henry V becomes King of England

Henry IV (1399-1413)
Henry V (1413-1422)
Henry VI (1422-1461) and (1470-1471)
Edward IV (1461-1470) and (1471-1483)
Richard III (1483-1483)
Edward V (1483)

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